Whitesburg KY

Visitor takes garbage bag


Hello again.

How is the world treating you? It is giving me miracle after miracle, this weather, my friends, my family, a place to live. The list goes on and on.

At the Kingscreek Center, we are having a real good time. We quilt, play Rook and talk. This time of year the festivals are starting and people really look forward to them.

I had a visitor the other night, not sure if it was a dog or a bear. It knocked over my garbage can, took out one bag and placed it across the road in Della Mae and Morris Maggard’s yard. Thank goodness she called me so I could clean it up. I couldn’t see it from my house. Sure hope it is finished with its little game.

Talked to some of the kids returning to school. They all seem to be having a good time. My great-nephew Austin Fields broke his arm at the wrist. I sure hate to see them hurt, but it does happen.

Several of us went to Hazard shopping. We had fun and stopped at several stores. We ate lunch at Ponderosa Steakhouse. Their buffet was very extensive.

Those going on this adventure were: Loreva Fields, Sue Williams, Harold Day, Faye Herron, Margie Sturgill, Eulah Miller, Judy Eldridge, Joni Fields, Barbara Eldridge, our driver Cathy Ingram and myself.

Next Tuesday is potluck. Can’t wait to see what everyone brings.

My soapbox for this week is looking but not seeing. We all see things and make an assumption on what we saw without knowing the rest of the story. I try to keep an open mind until I know more or realize it wasn’t my business to start with. I have enough trouble keeping up with myself without trying to keep up with others’ business.

Now I’m off the soapbox and thinking of something else to get into.

That’s about all for this week. Keep smiling, it helps and can really surprise others.

Until next time, talk to your neighbors. They can be wonderful.

Love you all.

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