Whitesburg KY

Visitors came from Idaho

I’ve not been writing for quite some time. Maybe I can get back to let all my readers hear from my area again.

There have been so many things keeping me busy, and my health hasn’t been too good. I’m getting older and weaker by the weeks. I don’t get out much anymore. Just to the store, etc.

We got out yesterday and got a mess of green beans out of our garden. It hasn’t been a good season for us. These beans are nice but there are not too many of them.

I had several visitors in June and July. Jerene and Kirk Kindly and family members came to visit for about an hour. They came all the way from Idaho. I was so pleased to see them again. It had been a long time since they were here. Her mom had passed away back then. She was the daughter of Jim and Judy Halcomb who lived close to us at that time.

Jim, my dad and another man used to work in the elections back in the ‘50s. I was helping that day as a clerk. I was having problems with my stomach and Jim told me what to do to get it better. Break two or three eggs in a glass and drink them whole. I did it and I got better. It was good medicine. I’d do that two or three times a day when I felt hungry. It was hard at first, but I got brave enough to do it. I didn’t like medication.

I also had two ladies from Indiana and Michigan come for a day with me. They were the daughters of a good friend of mine when I was young, Earl Cornett’s daughter. They were so sweet and kind. Tammy, the youngest, said her dad passed away on Christmas before last. He was 91 years old. They came on Memorial Day, and I took them to their Aunt Edith Cornett’s grave and I told them that Edith was my best friend in grade school on Ingrams Creek. She got sick and passed away at age 14. I was 14. We were like sisters. They hadn’t ever known about her, and I told them.

Then in the month of June, I had Geraldine Cornett Pené and her daughter come by for a while. It was good to see them also.

I went to Ingrams Creek the other day to see if the Wesley Roark homeplace had been sold; it hadn’t. It is so lonely to see it all closed up and no one around. It used to be a good place to go to the store. They had a big country store. Wesley married my mom’s first cousin, Cannie. They had five children, one girl and four boys. The boys were Burnice, Bob, Ken and Bill. The girl was Madeline. A beautiful family. They all made schoolteachers for years except Bill. He went to the service when he got old enough. He learned to fly planes, and was a great pilot. He used to come over old Kingdom Come High School and do stunts for us at noontime. It would scare us really bad. He would fly way up high and then turn back down spinning the plane. All of us girls would get so afraid for him to do those stunts.


Then he would go to Ingrams Creek and do that for his mom and dad.

Madeline got married to Frank Helton’s son Curtis Helton. She had Barbara and Linda and Michael (twins) and her last was a girl named Sandra. They were Bill’s pride and joy. He was home on leave when she had the twins. He was clearing out a lot of small bushes one day as I was going to their store. He told me he’d get it cleared and was going to light a flame in that bottom. I begged him to stop and not do that. I was so afraid he’d get killed in electric wires. He said, “No, I won’t.” Then he said to me to wait a few minutes and he’d walk with me to the store. He said, “I got something I want to show you when we get there.” I was wondering what he wanted me to see. When we got to the house, he said let’s go over to the house. We went in and he took me to a bedroom and Madeline was in bed and had given birth to a set of twins. They had just been born during the night.

He was so proud of them. Mickey and Linda loved him. I really loved him but I was too young to date.

He went back to the Air Force and was a test pilot for a newly made jet and started up from the base and the plane caught fire and he was killed. He was married to a girl and she was in the hospital right then and he never got to see his little one, a baby.

It hurt us all so bad to hear about his death, and his wife and baby.

The servicemen brought him back home to bury him beside his mom. He had just sent flowers to Pat on her grave on Memorial Day. They couldn’t open the casket because he was burned so badly. It was so hard to not get to see him, especially for his dad. He walked the floor back and forth wanting to see his baby son whom he loved so much. They had a younger son, Kenneth.

Bob went to the service and was also a pilot. He flew many missions over in that terrible war. He finally got to retire, but lived near D.C. He got real sick and died and was buried here. He was a high-ranking soldier, a lieutenant colonel. He and Madeline were in high school until they graduated and were teachers and so was Burnice. He lived in Wisconsin. They all did well in their lives. Their mother Cannie and my mother Mary were first cousins, daughters of Hart and George Campbell near Ulvah.

Another first cousin of Mom’s was Cassie. She married Henry T. Cornett and they had three sons, Dover, James Edward and Troy. They are all deceased now and another sister was Elizabeth “Lizzy”. She had Renos, Ray, Glen, Van and a girl, Agnes. They are all deceased too. I loved all of the children. They loved my mom, Mary Lea, and would visit and have quilting parties a lot. Those were good days and good times and when one of them had a new baby they would all come to be with each other. My dad’s sisters would do the same.

All of Cassie’s, Cannie’s and Lizzy’s children are deceased. I lost a brother also since I wrote last. He lived in Sweetser, Ind. He was a wonderful brother.

I will try to write often and hope all are doing well for now.

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