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Visitors’ cars filled driveways over Thanksgiving


I took last week off from writing a column so I’ll try to catch up with what I can remember.

Bob and I went to Lexington for Thanksgiving to have dinner with our daughter Jessie and her husband, Andy. Then on Friday Bob and I left there and drove to Dayton, Oh., to visit his cousin, Donna Howard.

We only stayed a little while at the nursing facility with her since they came to take her to physical therapy shortly after we arrived. She is a daughter of the late Reed and Martha Adams.

On our way back, we stopped at Middletown, Oh., and visited with our niece, Beth Banks, and her husband Anthony.

We saw many homes throughout Jeremiah that had lots of cars in the driveways from visiting families getting together for Thanks- giving dinner. I hope all had a good holiday.

Keitzie ‘K.P.’ Pridemore and Lana went to Michigan to have Thanksgiving with William ‘Dee Dee’ Stamper and his son, Jr. They stayed for a few days.

I hope Tim Blair is doing better after his recent fall. Okie said he fell off of a ladder and hurt his wrist.

Homer Smith had a brother-in-law in Indiana die. It was his late sister Christine’s husband, Vernon Cornett.

So many of our loved ones, friends and neighbors are having health problems here. Hopefully by the time this comes out they are feeling better. They are Ellis Adams, Van Blair, Rob Campbell, Grace Caudill, Dorse Fields, Homer Breeding, Bill Campbell, Betty Sue Back and Beverly Adams, and this is just a small group of the many who are sick in the community.

Verlin Breeding and his family had their annual get together in Gatlinburg recently. The whole group always try to make time to be together.

I was sorry to hear that Verlin hasn’t been feeling well. He’s one of the hardest workers I know, always keeping busy with gardens and yard work, and making sure his late wife Betty’s home is decorated for the holidays.

Staying busy and active is always a good thing. We should all take note and try to be that way.

Sonny and Faye Martin dropped in to visit with Don and Coreen Pridemore last Sunday. Sonny’s wanting a small tractor like Dad’s, and Mom always sends Faye home with flowers to plant.

Addie’s Treasures will be having an auction on Dec. 8 at Tommy Harris Smith’s building. It’s a consignment sale.

Roy Kenon and Billie Jean Smith were here from Ohio for a few days checking on Lillie Moss Hale and the rest of the Smiths and Pridemores.

Mary Jo Blair had an appointment in Lexington for a checkup on her knees. She and the other Blair Branch ladies went shopping in Kingsport recently.

We are so glad that Sylvania Whitaker had received a donor kidney, and hope all goes well for her. She is a special lady, and we all have been praying for her and the family.

Don and Coreen Pridemore, Bonita Adams and I all went to Somerset last Friday to visit Vince and Juanita McCrarey. Vince isn’t well and they can’t come up so they enjoy us coming out there.

We also drove by the ‘junk store’ and bought a load of stuff.

The annual Blair Branch Church singing will be on Dec. 14 this year, and refreshments will be served afterward. Everyone always brings canned or non-perishable food to donate to the Food Pantry that night.

Lyndci and Sadie Gilliam came up from Winchester over the weekend to visit with Jerry and Bonita Adams and to check on ‘Papaw’ Ellis Adams. Everyone enjoys ‘the baby’ Sadie.

Jane Smith, P.J., Cheryl and some of the kids went to the nursing home to visit with Lillie Moss Hale last Sunday.

Christmas on the Hill at the Old Indian Bottom Church at the Frog Pond at Blackey will be held on Thursday, Dec. 13, at 7 p.m. This is the 15th year they’ve had the program with Ron Short and local performers. It is a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays, in a church that was built in 1902 and is still active with singing the first Tuesday in each month. Bring finger foods to share and join in the Christmas spirit. For more information, call Doris Adams, 632-3777 or 633-2571.

That’s all I have time for today. Have a good week and enjoy the warm weather.

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