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Volunteer grandmothers meet at Cumberland Falls

Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well and getting ready for Christmas. The stores all look like they are getting ready with all the pretty decorations and also the crowds looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones.

It’s really not the same when your kids are grown up with their own children and grandchildren, but we have our good old memories of when they were small. They didn’t get much but were pleased with anything.

They get so much now that they don’t appreciate it like they did back then. Those were the good old days.

I visited Earl and Juanita a few days ago, and they were doing pretty well. Juanita is so tired and not feeling her best. She takes such good care of Earl and also his daughter, Doris Miller. Doris and her husband, Charles, have been visiting their son, Ben Miller and his family, and I’m sure Juanita and Earl are glad they are back home. They don’t get to go often as he lives so far away. Whitesburg

We all wish our children could live closer, but they have to go where their jobs take them.

It was good seeing Ann Reynolds the other day. I really like her a lot, and not just because she enjoys my news. She is just a sweet person.

Last week I said the only time I got to see my friends was at funerals. I met Ann at the drugstore, and then at Food City I met Hope Campbell. We started first grade at Blackey. She still looks good.

I went back to Ermine Center Friday, and really enjoyed seeing everyone. Lennon Hammock and his wife Yvonne, and also Patty Majority are all in need of prayer.

I know the people all miss them, they were always there. A lot of the seniors went to see the Bristol lights and do some Christmas shopping and eat some good food. They said they had a great time.

My sister Louise Shepherd and a group of the volunteer grandmothers went to Cumberland Falls for a meeting last Friday. They probably had a good time. Louise’s son Jerry Shepherd and his daughter Lindsey and baby are visiting with Louise for a few days. Louise enjoys that.

Lots of our people are getting the flu and colds during this cold spell. I hope they get better soon.

Our church is having a Christmas play Dec. 20. It’s always real good. It’s at Whitco Pentecostal Church where Bro. John Conn is the pastor.

Our Howard family Christmas party is Dec. 16 at Cowan Community Center. I hope the weather will be good.

It was good talking to my niece Margaret Hatton Combs. She’s planning on a big Christmas and doing a lot of decorating. She’s so good at that, and I’m sure not. It seems like mine always looks tacky. It might be because I don’t like doing it.

I went to the tree lighting services at Whitesburg ARH. It was very nice. It was so good seeing all of the volunteers. There were 21 of them. I knew all but two of them, Emma Amburgey and Neucedia Miller. I love talking to them when I go to the hospital, Shirley Breeding, Betty Watts, Lucille Polly, Martha Sue Blair, Leigh Blankenbeckler, Patsy Bowen, Geri Haynes, Colleen Hart, Diane Lewis, Dorothy Miles, Dixie Hall and all the rest. It’s good of them to volunteer their time.

I just got word that Norma Napier of Seco is real sick and needs prayer.

Carol Cook called to tell me that Hatler Cook had died. He was living in Middlesboro. He was raised on Dry Fork. We were good friends when I was a teenager. Our sympathy goes out to the family.

May God bless you, and try to be in church somewhere this week.

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