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Volunteer to help with COVID safety

People need to volunteer for things in the community that would help with COVID safety. Seeing as how Letcher County has gone red zone, this should be a priority for everyone. This virus is real and is a threat to people in the community of Letcher County need to stop treating it as an April fool’s joke because it’s way past April and far from a joke.

You could volunteer or just go out and do, on your own, many things that would help with the crisis. If someone is wearing their mask improperly, their nose and mouth are not covered, simply tell them that it’s not acceptable. It’s completely unreasonable to say, “I can’t breathe with it on” because my mother has arguably the worst lungs on the planet and asthma, but still manages to work two jobs over the course of a week and works around 13 hours a day with the mask on properly.

You could also sanitize public areas such as parks and benches. It’s not that hard, give it a good spray and wipe it down.

This virus is a problem and all we need to do is realize that it’s real and it can get better or worse, it all starts with the actions the you take every day.

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