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Voodoo Calls custom made locally

Struttin’ Time:

Welcome back, friends.

Our last Struttin’ Time column was about our hunt in Texas, where we were looking for Axis deer. Although we tagged, it was not what we really wanted, but it put meat on the table.

This year, we will start hunting in mid-March for another Osceola turkey in Florida. We will be hunting again with Ms. Kate, owner of Watermelon Plantation in Archer, Fla. I have tagged many a turkey on her place and have always been treated very well.

I am excited to share this next story with everyone. It is about a local man, Cecil Adkins, who is thinking outside the box and started a new business in Letcher County. He has named his business Voodoo Custom Calls.

If you will take the time and go to that Facebook page, it will pay off big time. With the loss of so many coal jobs it might seem strange to open a business in an area that has lost so many jobs. That is what I like about Cecil Adkins and people like him — they think outside the box. You see, Cecil knows — although he makes his calls in Whitesburg — he can receive orders from anywhere and the United States Postal Service will deliver.

Every business starts with a dream and Voodoo Custom Calls is no different. Cecil started his business while taking our youth and disabled vets turkey hunting. He knows that with old hunters like me, memories never fade, but with the youth of today memories last just a short time, then they move on to another web page. Cecil thought that if he could give them something to hold their memories they would not forget the excitement of hearing their first gobble, or pulling the trigger, when their long beard came into range. So he started making calls and giving them to the kids — a great idea in my world.

Voodoo has a complete line of pot calls. They have not expanded into the box calls (my favorite, as any Struttin’ Time old timer knows), but they do have pot calls in slate, glass, crystal, copper, and aluminum, and can customize your calls to fit your needs. Cecil can put a picture in your calls of your first kill or your first prom. Cecil has both single and double pot calls. The single calls are $45 and the doubles are $50, both great prices and a way to help a local business.

I am excited for Cecil and Voodoo Custom Calls as they start the year of 2018. I extend an invitation to Cecil or any of his field staff to travel with us this year, as the Struttin’ Time crew hunts Florida, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, North Carolina, and of course Kentucky.

Just a reminder: I personally will not be hunting Kentucky in 2018, because I am not buying a license. I will be sending Frank and Cathy Lawler to bring back our story. Remember, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife just socked it to the hunters of Kentucky, especially the seniors and the disabled.

Until next week.

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