Whitesburg KY

Vote counts now final in W’burg, F-N races

Five of six Whitesburg City Council members will return to office on January 1 after four of the five were re-elected on write-in votes on Nov. 3.

One councilman was defeated in the write-in election, and the sixth filed for candidacy in time for his name to appear on the ballot.

In Fleming-Neon, one council seat was left empty when only five candidates ran for the six open seats.

After only one Whitesburg council member, Derek Barto, met the deadline to file for reelection, the rest had to file as write-in candidates, and were joined by three challengers. Retired physician John Pellegrini lost his seat on the council to newcomer Debbie Bates Eldridge. The new council will include Barto, Eldridge, Shelia Page Shortt, Earlene Williams, Larry Everidge, and Mike Jackson.

Unofficial results were as follows:

Derek Barto (i) – 386

John Pellegrini (i) – 90

Shelia Page Shortt (i) – 105

Earlene Williams (i) – 162

Debbie Bates Eldridge – 101

Larry Everidge (i) – 109

Mike Jackson (i) – 158

Roger Clay Collins – 24

Oakley Fugate – 9

In Fleming-Neon, no one met the deadline to file and only five people filed as write-in candidates for the six open seats. The five members and their vote totals are:

Linda Cantrell (i) – 32

Kenneth Holbrook II (i) – 26

Susie Fleming (i)– 22

Ricky Fleming (i) – 17

James D. Collins (i) – 21

A ballot position for “Not Assigned,” essentially a none-of-the-above vote, received 51 votes.

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