Whitesburg KY

Voter registration falls here

While record numbers of citizens have signed up to vote in Kentucky and much of the rest of the U.S. this spring, that isn’t the case in Letcher County.

According to figures released this week by Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson, the number of registered voters in Letcher County fell slightly from 16,515 in November 2007 to 16,508 for the May 20 primary election.

The number of males registered to vote in Letcher County fell from 7,996 last fall to 7,960 this spring. However, the number the females registered to vote rose from 8,519 last November to 8,548 this year.

Letcher County now has 12,739 Democrats and 3,472 Republicans. Two-hundred ninety-seven Letcher County voters are registered as independent or as members of other political parties. The number of Republicans registered here has grown by 21 since November, while the number of Democrats has fallen by 39.

Grayson says more Kentuckians are registered to vote this year in Kentucky than ever before. In total, 2,857,231 citizens will appear on Kentucky’s voter rolls for the primary election. That compares to the previous record, set in the 2007 general election, which totaled 2,840,898. There were 2,795,013 citizens registered to vote in the 2007 primary election and 2,706,593 in the 2004 primary, the most recent comparable election cycle.

“While I am disappointed that Kentucky did not see dramatically increased registration figures as was seen in many other states this election cycle, I am encouraged that Kentucky has set a new voter registration record,” stated Grayson. “It is my hope that Kentucky voters will become more engaged in the primary election races and that this increase in registrations will lead to a larger turnout on Election Day.”

The registration totals are a net increase of 16,333 voters from those who were registered to vote in the 2007 general election, increasing the voter rolls by 0.58 percent. In comparison, voter registration figures increased by a net of 28,725, or 1.04 percent, from the 2006 general election to the 2007 primaries.

Registration figures continued to show little change in the percentage of male and female voters with females representing nearly 53 percent of the registration population and males representing 47 percent. In terms of party registration, Democrats, Republicans, and “others” increased their number of registered voters by 0.82 percent, .25 percent, and .27 percent since November of 2007, respectively. Democrats increased their voters by 13,259 to 1,629,845. Republicans increased their voters by 2,577 to 1,040,438. “Others” increased their voters by 497 to 186,948.

Democrats were the only designation to increase their percentages of the Kentucky voter rolls as they now comprise 57.04 percent of Kentucky voters. That is an increase of 0.14 percent since the 2007 general election.

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