Whitesburg KY

Voters choose three new county officials

Mullins to remain district judge; Craft, Polis re-elected; Kincer gets Jenkins nod

Letcher County voters elected a new coroner and two new members of the fiscal court in local races in Tuesday’s General Election. Marty Baker, a nurse shift supervisor at Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital, defeated Wallace ‘Spanky’ Bolling Jr. for the position of coroner.

“I would just like to thank my wife, my mother-in-law and my wife’s grandmother,” said Baker. “They were my biggest supporters. With my medical experience and education, I will maintain the coroner’s office in a professional and respectful manner to make everyone in Letcher County proud.”

Bobby Ray Howard will be a new face on the fiscal court and Terry Adams will return after a four-year absence. Adams defeated Archie Banks, who beat Adams in 2007.

In city races, the City of Jenkins will get a new mayor in G.C. Kincer while incumbents Fleming-Neon Mayor Susan Polis and Whitesburg Mayor James Wiley Craft were reelected.

“It’s a lot of work ahead of us for the city,” said Kincer. “Pud Shubert made it financially sound and secure. Charles Dixon made it green. It is going to be my chore to make it grow.”

The most watched of all local races was the district judge’s race. The race involving sitting Judge Kevin Mullins and Assistant County Attorney James Hubbard was one of the most talked about because of the harsh language in newspaper and radio ads.

“I don’t consider what I did to be negative advertising,” said Mullins. “His only platform was he was older than me and had more life experiences. I just showed what those life experiences were. Everything in my ads were public record.” Mullins won the election after being appointed to the position last year after the resignation of the late Judge Jim Wood.

“I just want to thank my supporters and I believe the candidate for judge should always state his qualifi cations and should always stay away from negative campaigning because it is a judge’s race,” said Hubbard.

Three seats were available on the Jenkins Independent Board of Education. Incumbents Eileen Sanders and Durward E. Narramore Jr. will both serve another term. Laura Revis was also elected.

Five incumbents and one new member will make up the Jenkins City Council. The incumbents are Richard D. “Rick” Damron, Chuck Anderson, Rebecca Terrill Amburgey, Terry Braddock and Carol Anne Litts. The new member is Robert Adams.

All six candidates running for Fleming-Neon City Council were elected including five incumbents, Robert Champion, Thomas D. “Tom” Haynes, Trey Quillen, James D. Collins and Cheryl Belinda Furby. Linda Cantrell is the new member.

The Whitesburg City Council will remain unchanged. Re-elected are Larry D. Everidge, Robin Bowen-Watko, Freda M. McFall, Sheila Page-Shortt, John Williams and James W. “Jimmy” Bates.

County voters also helped elect a new U.S. Senator to replace Jim Bunning, who is retiring. Republican Rand Paul defeated Democrat Jack Conway.

Here is how the Letcher County races stacked up.

• Judge/Executive: Jim Ward, D, 5,592

Robert “Gerald” Baker, R, 2,413

• County Attorney: Billy J. “Jamie” Hatton, D, 5,587

• County Clerk: Winston Meade, D, 6,723

• Sheriff: Danny R. Webb, D, 6,425

• Jailer: Donald “Don” McCall, D, 5,812

• Coroner: Marty Baker, R, 3,973

Wallace “Spanky” Bolling Jr., D, 3,785

• Surveyor: Richard W. Hall, D, 5,459

• Property Valuation Administrator (PVA): Randy Hall, 4,899

Randy Blair, 3,003

• Magistrate District One: Bobby Ray Howard, D, 1,010

Richard Glenn Brown, R, 964

Shawn “Andy” Cates, I, 146

• Magistrate District Two: Terry Adams, R, 811

Archie Banks, D, 665

• Magistrate District Three: Codell Gibson, D, 1,000

Durward E. Narramore III, R, 713

• Magistrate District Four: Keith W. Adams, D, 1,111

• Magistrate District Five: Wayne Fleming, D, 918

Kenneth Holbrook, R, 306

• Constable District One: Ben Fields, D, 1,130

Joey Ison, R, 683

• Constable District Two: Gary L. Cook, D, 971

• Constable District Three: Roland Craft, D, 1,015

Hatler Dee Kiser, R, 511

• Constable District Four: Harvey B. Campbell, D, 996

• Constable District Five: Roger D. “Hunky” Hall, D, 1,016

• District Judge – 47th Judicial District: Kevin R. Mullins, 4,349

James A. Hubbard, 3,222

• Letcher County Board of Education District One: Sam W. Quillen Jr., 1,106

Gerald L. Hacker, 231

Ellis Keyes, 75

• Letcher County Board of Education District Five: Terry Cornett, 687

Lisa Caudill, 556

• Jenkins Independent Board of Education: Eileen N. Sanders, 564

Laura Revis, 529 Durward E. Narramore Jr., 462 Paul Stambaugh, 435

Albert “Bo” Smith, 400

• Mayor of Jenkins: G.C. Kincer, 395

Todd DePriest, 281 • Jenkins City Council: Richard D. “Rick” Damron, 384

Chuck Anderson, 362 Rebecca Terrill Amburgey, 300 Carol Anne Litts, 299 Robert Adams, 297 Terry Braddock, 295 Kedrick E. Sanders, 282 Garnett Bentley, 236 Linda Baldwin, 233 Willie R. Stanley, 195

Roger Profitt, 170

• Mayor of Fleming-Neon: Susan B. Polis, 137

Joe Brown, 57 Leon Smith, 26

Price Kenneth Mullins, 7

• Fleming Neon City Council: Trey Quillen, 194

Linda Cantrell, 179 Thomas D. “Tom” Haynes, 174 James D. Collins, 166 Robert Champion, 162

Cheryl Belinda Furby, 159

• Mayor of Whitesburg: James Wiley Craft, 562

Timothy Baker, 91

• Whitesburg City Council: Larry D. Everidge, 509

John Williams, 450 Freda M. McFall, 402 James W. “Jimmy” Bates, 397 Robin Bowen-Watko, 366 Shelia Page-Shortt, 336 John Cunniff , 255

Jason Scott Griffith, 233

• United States Senator: Rand Paul, R, 3,856

Jack Conway, D, 3,540

• United States Representative: Harold “Hal” Rogers, R, 5,687

James E. “Jim” Holbert, D, 1,926

• State Representative 92nd District: John W. Short, D, 1,953

Ruby Edward Couch, R, 912

• State Representative 94th District: Leslie A. Combs, D, 3,478

Roger Dean Ford, R, 1,046

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