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Partly sunny

Wagners celebrate 50th anniversary

Southern Ohio

Hello everyone. The leaves are gone and winter is on its way. I guess I may as well quit my griping, dig out a pair of long johns to put on, and bear it.

I hope everyone had a safe time out trick-ortreating and not too much mischievousness going on! It was a cold, rainy night in this area for the little ghosts and goblins or whatever they dress up as nowadays.

When I was small I can remember people putting soot on their face with cold cream to dress up for Halloween, and you’d stuff your dress or pants to make you look different. Now costumes cost an arm and a leg to purchase.

I thought of dressing up just to go visit a certain house, then I happen to remember I didn’t know the address so I stayed home.

I really enjoyed all the pictures of the snow that were posted on the computer. I am just glad it hit their areas and not here. I don’t think I remember a snow this early at that volume.

Belated happy birthday to my youngest daughter Anna Nottingham, and to my niece April Brown, who share the same birthday of Nov. 3.

April’s mother, Sue Hall, and Anna are the same age, though Anna is a couple of months older than Sue.

Belated happy birthday to Shirley Wells’s daughter Loretta Baggett on Nov. 3. Loretta and my daughter Anna were born the same day, same year, so they both turned 40. Anna was born in the morning and Loretta was born in the evening.

Before I forget it, happy birthday to my son-in-law Scott Nottingham on Nov. 7. That would have been my grandma Rosa Hall’s birthday too.

Our parents Clayton and Ora Hall would have been married 68 years Nov. 6. It is so strange the dates that will stay in the back of your head.

Happy birthday to my little granddaughter Katelyn Nottingham Nov. 10, so I don’t forget it.

A special happy anniversary to Les and Pat Wagner, who celebrated 50 years of marriage. I do believe the date was Nov. 3. If not, it will not be the first time I messed something up, right, Les?

I finally broke out of my shell that I have been hiding in for the last two weeks and went to Hunter’s Pizzeria in Franklin to see Bluegrass Favorites Band with Tony Hale.

My friend Vickie Power went with me. This was a fun trip before we even reached our destination. I was in a hurry and pulled up the wrong directions to Hunter’s Pizzeria, which took me a few miles out of my way. We barely made it in time for the music. Sometimes I can get turned around in my backyard and have trouble getting back the right way.

Really I don’t mind getting lost if I am not in a hurry as you see places you ordinary wouldn’t get to see.

This was the first time that Vickie had ever been there and she enjoyed meeting the band and listening to them, and the food is good at Hunter’s. It was such a pleasure seeing Les and Pat and Larry and his wife and everyone.

One of these days I am going to just grab their pizza and head for the door and say, “Now you see me, and now you don’t.”

Thanks to Les, Vickie and I did come back the way were supposed to.

Sunday was Old Time Fiddlers. We meet the first Sunday of each month in the basement of the Miamitown Fire Department at 1:30 p.m. Dec. 2 will be our Christmas party, so please come and join us and bring a covered dish.

We have a new member, Ross Raleigh from Newport. I didn’t know Ross was sort of famous in the northern Kentucky area as he used to have Southgate House, a business that had bluegrass music as well as other types. Southgate closed for unknown reasons, but now it is reopened at a different venue under the name of Southgate House Revival. It’s still the same name as Ross bought an old church and renovated it.

Ross is the type of person that you feel you have known for years though you have just met. I am very glad that Ross and his friend Lenny Kuntz decided to join Old Time Fiddlers.

My son Keith Ballard spent a few days in the hospital, but he is home now and doing okay. It is a terrible thing to go through when any parent has even grown children sick. You feel helpless when there’s nothing you can do.

My heart aches for Melody Morton and so many others who have lost their children.

I miss my friend Willamae Boggs so much not to be able to talk to her, along with my brother Richie Hall. I guess you might say I don’t deal with the loss of a loved one too well.

Red Spurlock, a musician from around the Dayton, Fairborn area who has played music for many years, is fighting for his life. Red is married to Joyce, who is originally from the Mayking area. At the present time I don’t recall Joyce’s maiden name.

For many years Red Spurlock was in a band called Rainbow Ramblers, though I may have the name wrong. Red is known for his neat way of dressing, not real flamboyant yet not the kind of attire most men wear.

My granddaughter Sarah is still elated because of her band winning state championship for the third year. I still regret I didn’t go to Bowling Green to see the band perform.

Does anyone know if the prison will be built at Roxana? I know I don’t live there and will probably step on some people’s toes, but I feel this would be a good thing for Roxana as it would help the economy by bringing jobs. Maybe even more business could be brought in!

There’s no place except Whitesburg to get a meal, and Whitesburg is a long way to drive if you decide you want a bite to eat.

Doyle and Betty Ison, I hope you are staying warm. I was halfway expecting to see you walk in the door Sunday.

Shirley Wells, I will try to be in touch with you more as you know I have more than I can handle right now.

Gwen Huff Farmer, looks like another year has come to an end and I haven’t gotten to visit you. If God spares us over to another spring, maybe I will make it. There have been several times that I have been close to getting in my car and heading your way.

Gwen and her friend Diane went for a long ride to enjoy the glorious colors of the foliage before it disappeared.

Hello to my brother Jerry Hall and Mattie. I hear Jerry spent a few days in the hospital again.

Hello to my sister Loretta Church in Letcher Manor, and hello to all the nurses who takes care of her.

I have tried to call my sister-in-law Wanda Hall several times, but she works so much it is hard to catch up with her.

I talked to Polly Maucher for a little bit, and all her family is doing alright.

Hello to all the Whitaker bunch, wherever you are scattered. It seems I don’t hear anything from you any more.

Renevae Day, stay warm and be careful about falling as the weather is turning cold.

Coolie Jr. Calihan, I hope you are doing alright. I was so sorry to hear about Pat. Maybe before long I just might pop in at Connersville to hear you and the Brier Hoppers.

Green Calihan, I hope all is good with your family.

I had more conversations with Ann Calihan this past week than I have for quite some time as somewhere between Whitesburg and here our Mountain Eagle newspapers got lost!

We both look forward to getting the paper, and I thought I was going to have to drive all the way to the mountains to get it.

I really did want to go to the mountains for the Chestnut Festival with 7 South playing there along with other bands, and seeing everything.

7 South has a gospel CD that has just been released. I love to hear Jon Caudill sing along with Libby Day and the group.

Jon has a construction business that is keeping him busy, so if anyone needs remodeling, etc., look Jon up.

Will Caudill and Route 7 have a new CD out also.

Oma Hatton, now you be careful and stay in when the snow flies. I love you too much to hear of you getting hurt or banged up.

Emma Engle, it was wonderful to talk to you. I wish it was possible for us to meet at Pine Mountain Grill and I am sure Oma would meet us. Give Red a hug from me.

Emma, you are another one that I would just love to get in my car to come to see. It is a good thing I don’t have much money or I would be hitting the roads to visit a lot of people as long as I could get back before dark.

Eula Tolliver’s invitation is so inviting as Somerset isn’t really that far, except I don’t like to be away from home at night.

Well, I am going to bring this to a close as I am struggling to find something to write about. Too many things going trough my brain.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone: 513-367-4682.

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