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Wagners celebrate anniversary at Smoky Mtns.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Winter has finally hit the Ohio Valley area. We had our first real hard frost that looked like a snow, plus fog was so heavy it was beautiful for a while until it lifted.

As I’ve often said, grab a cup and let’s sit down and have a chat. Preferable this morning would be a hot cup of coffee or chocolate.

Sometimes I have to almost laugh at what some people call coffee, and the staggering price they pay for a cup.

Dad and Mom drank coffee all their lives. Dad preferred a good, hot strong coffee with nothing in it. Mom drank hers the same way until later years and she used a little bit of Carnation or Wilson Cream, whichever she was using at the time.

I’ve never had the habit of drinking coffee, but I’ve had a cup occasionally. I prefer a little cream and sugar in it. I would not go to some expensive place and spend $5 for a cup of coffee, when you can almost buy a container of coffee for that price.

Southern Ohio

Les and Pat Wagner enjoyed celebrating their anniversary in the Smoky Mountains. The weather was beautiful and there was lots of fall scenery. I teased about them getting a bottle of champaign or sparkling water, and the hotel surprised them with sparkling cider and a delicious cake.

Les and Pat love Cades Cove so they spent some time there.

Sympathy goes out to James and John Ison who lost someone who is like family.

Sunday was Old Time Fiddlers at Whitewater Center. We had such a good turnout of musicians and audience. My heart filled with pride as I sat and listened to the music.

Thanks to Vicki Power for filling in for me last month while I attended Blackey Days.

Old Time Fiddlers meets second Sunday of each month, for those of you who are in this area.

I talked to Betty Ison for a brief time. Doyle and Betty are doing all right, trying to get things organized for the upcoming winter months

I’ve neglected Johnny and Ann Calihan as my heart and head have been so mixed up these past few weeks.

Nov. 19, Carcassonne has its final square dance and Sunrise Ridge will be playing. I wish I were able to attend this as right now I need a distraction from things that are out of my control.

Ricky Caudill isn’t able to dance or I would say dance one for me.

I lost a friend who has been part of my life for the past 30 years or more. Nancy discovered she had cancer last December about the time that I was so sick. She wouldn’t let anyone tell me as I was so sick.

It was fast growing, so last Tuesday evening about 8 p.m. Nancy took her final voyage. Her daughter Katie was in from South Carolina so she stayed with her mom until the end.

Nancy’s son Chris lives in Vancouver, Canada, and couldn’t get a flight out until Saturday night.

Visitation was Sunday night with burial Monday. It has been such a hard week; please keep her husband and family in your prayers. I went to visitation last night, and I plan to go to the funeral today, if I get feeling better.

While attending the visitation, I talked to several of Nancy’s friends and family that I haven’t seen for a long time. If every woman had a husband as loving as Nancy, there wouldn’t be so many divorces. I’ve known how much these two loved each other, and watched him take care of her, sitting and holding her hand, right to the end.

It is like losing a family member to me. I will miss Nancy along with every person she came in contact with. Nancy loved my sidekick Bennie very much.

There’s so much that I planned to write about, but I am sorry, my heart isn’t in it.

So until next time.

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