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Are you looking for easy, inexpensive, and fun exercise as
part of your weight loss regimen? Walking outdoors is probably

one of the most enjoyable and simple physical activities
you can do. In fact, walking is the most popular physical
activity in the country among adults.

Not sure if walking will actually help you lose weight?
Results from the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) prove that
it does. In this study, men and women who walked 30 minutes
per day, lost 5 to 7 percent of their body weight and reduced
their risk of developing diabetes by 58 percent.

Not only does walking help people with diabetes lose
weight, lower blood pressure and reduce stress, it may also
help save money.

According to a study published in Diabetes Care in 1999,
people with diabetes spend more than $7 billion annually
on medications. In the study, researchers asked adults with
diabetes to either walk or bike and do stretching exercises
for 50 to 60 minutes a day, four to six days per week, for one
month. By the end of the study, 16 percent of the participants
taking insulin and 26 percent taking diabetes pills had their
treatment switched to diet and exercise therapy alone. For
others who still needed to remain on insulin, their total units
each day were reduced by 60 percent. In 22 percent of the
people who needed to continue taking pills, their doses were
reduced or substituted with medicines with milder effects.

Therefore, cutting back or doing away with certain medications

due to regular exercise could save you hundreds of
dollars, and possibly billions of dollars nationally.

To get started with a walking routine, buy a good pair of
walking shoes — which can be purchased at a shoe or sporting

goods store for under $100. Check your feet for abrasions
and/or blisters every day.

Remember, if you have questions or concerns about diabetes,

talk to us at Parkway Pharmacy. As a center of diabetes
care, we offer the most comprehensive line of products and
information available to help you better manage and “live
well” with diabetes.

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