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Wallace Bolling injured at work


Happy birthday to my niece, Jessica Dixon on August 23, and to my nephew, Gary Fugate. His is on August 29. They both live at Carcassonne.

Wallace Bolling, formerly of Blackey, was involved in a accident at work last week. Something hit him and he was bruised up and had burns on one side. He had to be flown to Holston Valley Hospital. Wallace works for the gas company. He and his wife, Mary, moved behind his old homeplace in Knott County a few years ago. He is now home.

Happy birthday to Erin Gibson of London. She will be 14 on August 26. She is the daughter of Cyndi Heldt of London and George Gibson of Jeremiah. She is the granddaughter of Danny and Von Hall of Blackey. I don’t know George’s parents’ names.

The annual memorial service held at the Caudill Cemetery at Red Star will be on Saturday, August 25, beginning at 5 p.m. Dinner will be held after the church services. Please bring a covered dish and everyone is welcome.

Happy birthday to Allen Fugate of Blackey. It is on August 29.

I talked to Odella Isom Watts of Mill Branch the other day and she said she had news sometimes but needed my number, so here is all my information. My phone number is 633-0008, my email is blackeynews@yahoo.com, and my home address is 3211 Hwy. 3408, Carcassonne, KY 41804.

Barb Campbell went back to Indiana for awhile. She has to have cataract surgery and is supposed to come back around the first of October when the house she is going to rent at Letcher will be done. It’s the house next to Jr. Adams that my niece used to live in.

Happy birthday to Jr.’s daughter, Shelly Smith. It’s on August 29.

Bruce and Rita Gilley of Letcher, left for Gatlinburg, Tenn., on Friday. They are staying about a week or more.

Tina Barrett of Carcassonne, had to have surgery last week and then had a problem and had to be taken by ambulance back to the hospital on Saturday. I hope she feels better soon.

Richards Store next to Letcher Fire and Rescue is going out of business at the end of the month and everything is marked down. They are open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They have a lot of furniture to sell.

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