Whitesburg KY

Walters reunion was held at Caudill’s Branch below Blackey


Mike and Donna Watts and their son, Michael, of Mill Branch, went down to Shelbyville a few weeks ago and helped their daughter, Mica, move into a new home. She is the granddaughter of Odella Watts, also of Mill Branch, and Ruben Watts of Blackey. I met Odella a few weeks ago and she is such a nice person.

Happy birthday to Mae Fugate of Carcassonne. It was on Sept. 6. Her daughter, Loretta Henrikson, had her birthday Sept. 7. One of Mae’s other daughters, Wanda Howie, was in over the weekend from Tennessee.

The Walters reunion was held on Sept. 8 at Caudills Branch below Blackey at the home of Randall and Rosemary Rowe.

Junior Feltner of Blackey, had to be put in the hospital last week. He was having heart problems.

There was a homecoming held in Hazard on Sept. 8 honoring Jimmy Bates of Whitesburg. He was mad the VFW state commander recently. My dad, P-nut, attended. They both belong to the Whitesburg VFW.

A lot of people went to the World 100 at the Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio. Those that I know of are David and Joshua Dixon of Carcassonne. They left out on Friday evening, Craig Abbianati of Carcassonne, and Freddie Jones of Linefork, and a couple of other friends went down Friday morning, and Jessie and Callie Bates of Blackey also went. I’m sure they all had a good time.

Happy birthday to Sheena Adams of Letcher. It was on Sept. 11. She is the daughter of Jr. Adams and the late Cheryl Adams.

On Friday, Shawn Gilley took Barb Campbell to Indianapolis to pack up her things. She is moving next to Jr. Adams at Letcher. She didn’t come back with Shawn. She is staying with her sister to attend her granddaughter’s wedding and will be moving back around the 24th. Shawn brought her things back on Sunday.

My cousin, Eric Back, had to be taken from dialysis and put in the hospital for a night. They took too much fluid off and he passed out. He called my sister, Debbie, on Saturday and said he was doing some better. He has a lot of health problems. He is in Letcher Manor Nursing Home.

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