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Want to vote absentee? Do this

Letcher County voters and other Kentuckians who want to vote absentee in the November election can request a ballot now through October 9 from the Secretary of State’s voter web site, www.govoteky.org.

The deadline for voters to register to vote or change their party registration is 4 p.m., October 5. Voters can register on the same web site, or go to their local county clerk’s office.

Voters are being encouraged to apply early for the ballots, which will be available to anyone who has concerns about voting in person because of COVID-19.

Absentee voters can also request ballots from their county clerk’s office beginning September 7, but ballots are not expected to arrive at the clerk’s office until September 15. The clerk’s office must then address and send the ballots to voters.

For those who fear mailed ballots might not arrive at the clerk’s office in time to be counted, the office will have a drop box for ballots inside the election office. People in Letcher County who still prefer to vote in person but avoid the Election Day crowds and the danger of COVID-19 at the same time can vote in person at the Letcher County Clerk’s Office on the first floor of the courthouse from October 10 through November 2. Election Day is November 3.

While the law allows ballots to be postmarked as late as November 3, those that arrive after November 6 won’t be counted. Voting rights groups are encouraging people to complete and mail their ballots as soon as the ballots arrive at their homes, or to put the ballots in the drop box in the election office at the Letcher County Courthouse. The drop box is inside the clerk’s elections office. When entering the front doors of the courthouse, the office is the first door on the right, in the former location of the sheriff’s office.

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