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Hello, everyone!

If this weather doesn’t start to warm up I am going to close my house up and head for Florida. I may just go visit Gene and Brenda Caudill, whether I am invited or not. As I am sitting here chilling, Gene informed me he was going to pick some lemons from his yard and fix a cool drink.

I forgot to say hello to all Gene’s family in my column last week. It is always a pleasure to correspond with Gene and Brenda. Eugene is from the Jeremiah area.

My good friend Gwen Huff Farmer, her son Glen Jr. and his wife Marlyn along with the neighbors have survived the ice storm that hit Illinois. Gwen said she slept bundled up as the only heat she had was her fireplace, which she hadn’t used in 10 years. She was fortunate enough to still have wood in her woodshed, as the wood outside was frozen over.

Gwen is very grateful that Glen was there to help her. He walked her little dog Blackie for her and did everything to make her comfortable. She has a friend who stops by to help her when she needs it. Fay brought her a skillet and several utensils to use in her fireplace.

Everyone was in the same condition. Gwen was without electricity Tuesday through Friday afternoon, which meant no phone service either. Gwen has a cell phone and she had bought some extra batteries to listen to the news on the radio.

Gwen has some lamps also, so she reverted back in time for a few days. She said she would read and get sleepy, though she had to wake up every hour at night to put wood on the fire. She has an electric stove so cooking was out of the question. She had some canned food and had to use a manual can opener. She made coffee over the fireplace. She even baked potatoes in the ashes under the grate!

I am glad this ordeal is over for her and everyone. I knew if anyone could manage to get through this, Gwen could.

Gwen had a surprise phone call from her second cousin, J. G. Cornett from Michigan. She hasn’t seen him in many years and was glad to hear from him. He is Thelma Nolan Cornett’s son, who had the store and post office across the road from Kingdom Come High School when I went to school there.

My brother, Richie Hall, finally went to the doctor. As he knew already, the news wasn’t very good. He has to go March 5 to Lexington to have stents put in his leg. If that doesn’t work then they will have to amputate his leg.

Richie had always been active until the past couple of years after he had a five-way bypass. He still wouldn’t give up. He is a very good mechanic and a good carpenter. It bothers him not to be able to do the things he has always done.

Richie is like his older sister, rather die trying than ask or wait for someone to do for him. Barb and Rick Jones have been more like sister and brother instead of in-laws. In fact, all of Wanda’s family are close.

Barb passed Richie on the road and her little two-year-old granddaughter said, “Granny, I wanted to kiss Richie.” Destiny is something else. She keeps Barb and Rick on their toes. Destiny loves videos of deer hunting.

I had a phone call from my anonymous friend. I give her a rough way to go sometime. I really do like her and her husband very much. She knew I had to have some tests done at the hospital, so she was kind enough to call to ask about the results. I will not know for a few days.

I had a CT Scan of my abdomen and another test, plus they were doing a bone scan and were in the process of doing it when all of a sudden the young girl left the room and came in with another person. I was asked if I had a CT scan earlier. I said yes. Well, I wasn’t supposed to have the bone density scan as the nasty liquid I had to drink for the CT scan worked against the other test.

I really enjoyed hearing Larry Roark on the Country Gentleman show on WMMT on my computer.

I have to protect my legs when I hold my grandson, little Bennie, as he loves the music also. I get a lot of teasing from my daughter, Angie Wiederhold, because I let Bennie listen to bluegrass. Just wait until it gets warmer, I am planning to take him to a bluegrass festival. When Bennie gets a little older I am getting him a guitar or some kind of musical instrument.

Shirley Wells of Clarksville, Tenn., said her daughter, Linda, who lives near Princeton, works at a place for the handicapped. Shirley said they had to move the people to a shelter in Paducah.

I forgot to insert something that Clarence Halcomb sent me about the Cliff House that used to be near Cumberland:

“I read with interest about the Cliff House in Harlan County near Cumberland. When I was a boy in the early 1930s, this cliff was called the cow cliff. The people in this neighborhood had milk cows and during the summer the cows liked to lie in the shade of the cliff. In the later ’30s someone built a house under this cliff and turned it into a tavern or a beer joint. I never went in this place but I was told this was the hangout for the bad boys and girls. One night they had a knockdown, dragout fight in this joint. One of the men that got roughed up pretty bad came outside, got a big rock and climbed upon the cliff. When the man who had beaten up on him came out through the door, he dropped his rock on the man’s head. To the best of my memory the man died. I want to think that the man who dropped the rock was from the Linefork area. This cliff is on Old U. S. 119.”

I would like any information about the owners of this famous Cliff House if anyone remembers anything about this unusual dwelling.

Ann and Johnny Calihan’s family are doing all right. Ann has been under the weather for a few weeks.

Johnny and Ann along with her brother Bill Ison and his wife Jean will be going to visit Ann’s sister Evadean and Lafe Marcum in W.VA. Their brother, Hubert Caudill, and his wife, Ann, may be able to join them. Hubert and Ann live in North Carolina.

Happy birthday to Bill Ison who will reach the grand milestone of 80 years. Bill doesn’t look his age nor act it. I guess Jean keeps him in line! Bill will be celebrating his birthday at the Golden Corral with his children and grandchildren. I know a good time will be had by all.

Doyle and Betty Ison are trying to stay warm. Betty is feeling a lot better now. They have just about had their fill of this cold weather, too.

Get well wishes to Doug Bryant and to Betty and Barefoot Bill Kelly’s daughter. This whole family has sure had their share of heartaches. Please keep this family in your prayers.

Hello to a special little guy, Devon Cornett, who is the son of Monie and Colin Cornett. Devon is still helping his mother when she needs it. This little feisty girl is really doing well since the terrible accident.

When I visit Richie and Wanda I am going to make it a point to meet Devon. Maybe he will be kind enough to share a soft drink with me. It may be springtime before I get there and maybe Bruce Jones will have a mess of peas cooked, along with chicken and dumplings.

Hello to Jim Webb of WMMT. I tried to send him some snow down old Whitesburg way. I told him I would huff and puff and send it right on down!

I finally called Iva Cheetam of Stanford. Iva called me a few weeks ago and I had neglected getting back to her. Iva’s parents were from Kingscreek. Iva was married to Chester Abshear and lived at Marlowe for several years. She has lived in Ohio and all over the place. It was a pleasure to talk to her.

There’s an online newspaper called The Kentuckian News; check it out sometime. I really enjoy reading this paper. I have started putting a column in it.

Life isn’t about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.

That old clock is once again giving me the mean eye, so I guess I better get this on its way.

Until next time. Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email:Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, phone 513-367-4682.

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