Whitesburg KY

War without honor

To the Editor:

We returned home from the war with a lot of pain and grief. Our bodies all shot up, our minds were incomplete. No one ever asked if we were OK. No one did not care, we were soldiers anyway.

People looked down on us like we should have shame for laying down our lives so you could have someone to blame. Our government never backed us. They were ashamed because of the thousands they killed for freedom’s name.

Vietnam was a war that D.C. did not want it won. There was no profit in it for them. They played their games in D.C., they watched us as we died and when someone asked, they never would reply.

We were just soldiers that could not go home. There were no jobs for us. All they would say , “You were in Vietnam. There is no opening today.” They thought you were crazy or on drugs anyway.

We fought a war with honor to keep people free. We done it for our country so our enemies would know when the time comes, a solider will go.

When you are watching TV and someone makes a speech, everyone wants to know what they say. But no one cares if a soldier died today because he was just a soldier, some mother’s son. Nobody important. Just another one.

Just someone that makes it so you can be free. They tell the news. They talk about all things and say at the last, “Oh, by the way, 15 soldiers died today.” It doesn’t really matter. They were not important anyway. They were just soldiers that died today.

They don’t give their names, they never stop and pray. After all, he is just a soldier that died today. He is just someone that is willing to lay down his life for you and his country. Who cares that a soldier died today?

He just gave everything he had to give, so a battle could be won. He laid down his life without a thought. The only thing he knew, he was fighting for his friends and family and you. But don’t worry, he was just a soldier anyway that died today.

Thanks to all the men and women who fought in Vietnam.

Vietnam 1969 to 1972
11th Armored Cavalry

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