Whitesburg KY

Warm days make cold days colder

Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well and keeping warm. It’s not that cold, but after all those warm days it feels cold.

I freeze anyway, but like that old saying, ‘Cold hands and warm heart.’

I’ve not been getting out much, just when I have to. I sure enjoyed being in church on Tuesday with my brother John Howard and his wife Priscilla.

I got a call the other day from my cousin, Ruby Howard in Indiana. She was doing pretty well. She was concerned about our cousin, Brenda Howard, who is having health problems. They are all formerly from Letcher County. I wish they were still here. I still miss all of them.

I haven’t heard from my friend Ada (Miller) King in awhile. I’ll have to call and see how she is doing.

I talked with Donna Holbrook a few days ago. She is supposed to send me some news and pictures. I admire her and the work she does. She has been a caretaker for over 30 years.

Not many people are cut out for that. From all I’ve heard, she’s real good at it, and gets really close to them and loves them. I know a lot of them and they love her.

I went to Cram Creek Church last Wednesday night. It was so good seeing James Fields and his daughter Jennifer. They used to be my neighbors before Jennifer was born. I couldn’t believe she is 35 years old. Time sure goes fast. Before long we will all be old.

My sister Betty Tyree came up on Saturday for a visit. We had spiced tea that she’d brought and it sure was good. Whitesburg

Betty will be having a birthday Feb. 10, and my sister Kathleen Brock will have one Feb. 8. All of us sisters get together on Feb. 9 and celebrate their birthdays on the day between. We usually have lunch together somewhere, and we enjoy it.

My son Astor and his wife are moving out of their apartment to a house this week. They had a beautiful apartment, but they felt closed in. The house is two or three blocks away on the same street in Georgetown. They really like it there.

Sandra and Billy Hatton were at their lake house this weekend, and visiting their son, Joseph Hatton. I had lunch with them at Pine Mountain Grill before they left.

My grandson, Jamie Hatton, and three of the girls who work in his office joined us, and it was real nice seeing them.

I went to a real nice baby shower at Subway in Isom last Saturday. We had a large crowd and great food, and a truckload of gifts. The shower was for Cassandra Williams. She is the daughter of Bro. Rodney Allen, one of the preachers and Sunday School teachers at our church. She went there when she was a child.

I think she and her husband, Jesse, live in Louisville. Anyway, he took her away from us, but they seem so happy that I guess we will forgive him. They come back to visit us and our church as often as they can.

I went to Sunday School last Sunday and it was so cold outside. I’ve stayed indoors, calling and check on sick folks.

Earl and Juanita Profitt are doing pretty well. He even seems to be improving some, walking around and dressing himself sometimes.

Angie Hatton is back from visiting her daughter, Carolyn Coots, and is doing better.

I talked to my sister-inlaw, Jenetta Howard, and her granddaughter is doing some better and is out of the hospital.

Jenetta and her family and her two friends, Doris Hogg and Daisy Collins, all had lunch at the Pine Mountain Grill recently. There were 13 of them. That was real nice.

I talked with my son, Rob, in Owensboro recently. He is so good to call. We can talk and talk. He’s so easy to talk to, and I guess I am a pretty good talker also.

I love keeping in touch with my friends and family.

Anna Watkins in Florida, for some reason I have had you on my mind for two days. I guess it’s because I ran across an old letter you wrote me a few years ago telling me my news was like a visit with me, and how you loved it and looked forward to it each week, and read all about everyone.

You never got to see my brother Bob and my sister Judy, and you wish you had gotten to. You moved away in 1955, so they are both in their 50’s now, and we’ve remained friends after all that time.

It’s people like you who keep me writing, when sometimes I don’t want to. You are special to me and I love it when we talk about the old days at Marlowe.

I also get all the news of your family when we talk. I’m glad I got to know your children, Wayne, Janie, Ben and Paula, and you’ve kept me up with pictures of them and their families.

Oh, I’m rattling on. I made a trip back down Memory Lane, I guess.

Hello to all my friends who have moved away and left me. I haven’t forgotten any of you.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week while the weather is still good.

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