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Partly sunny

Warm days were spring teaser

The WYMT Scholarships recipients are Samuel Bentley of Payne Gap, son of Roy Bentley, and Morgan Henson of Jenkins, daughter of Kelly Ballou and Melinda Henson. Each won $1000.

The WYMT Scholarships recipients are Samuel Bentley of Payne Gap, son of Roy Bentley, and Morgan Henson of Jenkins, daughter of Kelly Ballou and Melinda Henson. Each won $1000.


Hello everyone! Are you ready for spring? We had a couple of days that were sort of a teaser. I actually sat on my porch for a few minutes, enjoying the brief warmth of the sun and the fresh air.

Then we had a full day of rainy, cold temperatures; now we are expecting snow and rain mixture. Oh yes I am ready for spring, fresh green grass and beautiful flowers.

Things have been rather hectic in lots of families in this area and the flu is spreading, along with other illness.

Thursday night was a restless night for me as usual, as I barely sleep anymore. My phone rang at three in the morning, and my daughter Angie Wiederhold was crying, asking if I could come stay with Bennie while she went to the hospital.

Southern Ohio

It only took a few seconds for me to get dressed, and be on my way. Of course my windshield was frosted over, but I threw all caution to the wind and tried to defrost the window by spraying windshield wiper fluid, that froze over so fast. As I pulled off the road to let the windows clear I almost took out my neighbor’s new fence. I missed it by inches.

When I finally managed to get to Angie’s, the pain had subsided and she wasn’t sure if she should go or not. About half-hour later she was on her way to the hospital by calling 911.

Angie has already had two back surgeries, and will be having another one very soon. She was in the hospital until late Thursday evening. She is still in a lot of pain at this writing.

My heart breaks for my little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold, as the past two years he has visited me in the hospital, then his papaw being in the hospital and passing away, and now seeing his mom hurting.

Happy birthday to Bennie, as he will be 11 years old Jan. 30. Belated happy birthday wishes to my grandson Kyle Nottingham on Jan. 20.

I believe Lauren Wagner, celebrated her birthday Jan. 21. Lauren is a daughter of Tom and Sue Wagner, and also the granddaughter of Johnny and Ann Calihan.

Sue was still visiting her parents and Lauren flew in to be with them for a few days. Tom drove from South Carolina to drive them back home.

Johnny had a bad fall while Sue was here. Thank God it was not worse than it was. Johnny had to go to the emergency room, was treated and released. Sue is a nurse and is very sick herself, yet she managed to help her dad. Johnny will be back in his garden come spring.

Les and Pat Wagner are still hanging in there and looking forward to spring also. Pat made me so hungry as she was talking about fixing macaroni and tomatoes with her home-canned tomatoes.

Of course I am always wanting something to eat that I can’t have.

It has been two years since my surgery that has changed my life. I miss not being able to get up, pack a bag and head for the mountains of eastern Kentucky or wherever I want to go.

I miss going to places that are local for music and dancing. I miss the carefree side of me, and especially miss not being able to the things with my grandchildren.

Again I try to be grateful for the things that I am able to do. I am not completely housebound, and I think of so many who are in worse condition than I am.

Someone posted a picture on Facebook from years ago. The picture had a name that I remembered from Mommy talking about from her growing-up years on Big Branch, Pete Akemon. Mom talked about Pete Akemon and Carlo Akemon who used to dance. I remember the names of Whitakers, Cornetts, Foutses, of course relatives, Hollinses, Adamses and Cootses.

I really don’t know how my memory has retained so much after all the years.

Again I will say I am glad that Mom took the time to talk of her childhood, and growing up on Big Branch, Mom never had much of a childhood, as she took over the role of raising her brothers and sister at the age of 14, after her mother divorced their dad.

Oh yes divorce happened back in the day also.

Mom’s outlet was going across Big Branch Mountain to Paces Branch to square dances at Lloyd and Nora Calihan’s. So as I have said, I get the love of music and dancing from my precious mother.

I am sorry this column isn’t very interesting, but maybe in time I will be out and about and have some news.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030.

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