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Warm weather about over

Whether we like it or not — which I don’t — our nice weather is about over for this year. I am just not cold weather oriented. I ache where I didn’t even know I had places.

Cold weather didn’t used to bother me too much, but looking at it from another angle, I didn’t used to be this old either. But age is not a factor, but the mileage sure is.

Thank God man can’t control the weather because I can only imagine what a mess we would be in. Mankind defiles everything he touches. This world was perfect when the Lord made it and He didn’t change it, man did.

On a different note, the critters are preparing for cold weather as best they can. There doesn’t seem to be very much food for them to store up for winter, especially the squirrels. I am afraid many of my furry little friends will not make it through the winter for lack of food, just as it was a couple of years ago.

I had a neighbor who had a walnut tree below his house down near the road, and he would crack a few walnuts and leave them for the squirrels to find. When they found them they would have a ready-made feast. He wasn’t afraid they would starve, he just wanted them to stay awhile so he could sit on his front porch and watch them.

I may do the same thing this winter, except not with walnuts. But there are other things I can feed them. I don’t like to see anything starve. As a youngster I saw a lot of hungry times, but not because of drugs and alcohol as it is today.

Today we see people with rotten teeth brought on from meth use and we see toothless wonders who traded their teeth for pain pills.

In the meantime many little one suffer because they are only an afterthought. Many go to school reeking of meth ingredients.

Until next time from the funny farm.

Contributing correspondent Relon Hampton lives at Premium.

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