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Partly cloudy

Warm weather didn’t lower our power bills

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well and we are hoping for another warm week.

It has been so nice, but it sure didn’t help our high power bills. They have grown and I don’t see how folks who are on a low income are making it. I thought it would come down. They have added so much to it. I wish we could have kept our coal. Our power bills were much better then.

I haven’t seen anyone hardly and haven’t had many calls. Everyone is busy.

I guess I’ve had to miss my church a few times on account of weather. I’m really looking forward to this weekend. I love my church.

My sister Betty Tyree came out for a visit on Thursday. I’m glad for visitors, but I sure don’t get many. I guess people are busy.

My sister Joann Brown calls me every day. She said Vickie Underwood called her and asked if I was sick. She loves The Eagle and I have to miss when the road are icy and I don’t get out.

My fingers are not doing well. I may have to quit writing. I have to write by hand and take it to the office. I don’t see or hear from many people. I guess they are all busy and I don’t get out much.

I want to send Vickie Underwood a great big hello. She lives in Carey, Ohio. She was a Marlowe girl and I’ve known her all her life. She was a Hatton and she comes to all the Hatton reunions and everyone loves her.

I got a call from my brother John Howard. He had been at the lake for a week and he called to tell me he was back home. I think all of them need to let me know since I’m the oldest in the family.

I hope Jerry and Alberta Barker are doing O.K. I haven’t heard from them for a while.

I hope Mable Absher and Hazel Hart are doing better. So many friends are having health problems, but we are getting older. I know two of them, Helen Bentley and Elsie Banks, are both over 100 years old and the last I heard of them they were doing pretty well. I’ve known them for many years. Helen was my schoolteacher and also my sons’. I knew her when she was young at Blackey and we both ended up in Whitesburg. I hope they are both doing well.


Elsie wrote for The Mountain Eagle for many years and was very good at it

I haven’t heard from my brother Hillard Howard in Florida. He’s probably playing golf. He loves that and they love the weather there. When we are having snow and ice and cold I hope he thinks of us. I know he does! He’s a good brother!

Dorthy Tacket, I was sorry your picture was late but I couldn’t get out to put it in. Sometimes I don’t get out in a week. It was a great picture. Do you want me to send your picture or do you have another one? Let me know. I have trouble reaching you sometime. I love to talk with you. You do something I should be doing, going to exercise. I get tired even when I’ve not done anything. It’s probably all the mileage on me!

Hello Elzie Ray and Irene Hatton, I hope you are both doing well.

I’m looking forward to going to Sunday school today. I haven’t been out for a week and I haven’t seen anyone except Larry and Linda and Wendy Day and my sister Betty Tyree, and of course my little puppy “Susy”, who is good company. I love her!

I’m sorry I don’t have anything much to write about and so it’s boring. Maybe next week will be better.

I hope this weather stays good for a while. I wish I could get more news like Rose Ballard, but I bet she’s glad not to write all that by hand.

I’ve been thinking about Glendora Eldridge in Milan, Ind. I hope she is doing O.K.

I haven’t heard from Bertha Dye and Gladus Smith in North Carolina. I hope she is doing better.

It’s about time for Sunday school so I better get on the ball and get ready.

May God bless all of you and the sick get better. Try to be in church if you are able.

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