Whitesburg KY

Warm weather has awakened Mother Nature

Northeast Ohio

Happy Mayday! A little late, but that’s me. Can’t seem to get it right every time. Hope you had a good week. We had about four days of mid to high 80s and it seems that was just what was needed to really awaken Mother Nature. Our part of the world has come alive, trees are donning their beautiful coverings of many shades of green, apple trees are abloom, redbuds and other springtime trees and shrubs are strutting their stuff.

Bradford pear trees are in full bloom, looking like giant snowballs, spring flowers are showing their many beautiful colors and the grass is growing much faster than Red would like — he has to mow every week. He sowed his early patch of mustard and it’s coming up really good.

I’ve just heard some sad news. We lost another friend, Ima Jean Damron, 78, who was found dead in bed by one of her sons. I had known her for over 20 or 30 years. She was the last of her family, having lost a sister almost two years ago. She lived just a few blocks below me. They were originally from Kentucky.

We are having showers with thunder, sometimes rains really hard, but now the sun is shining. One of those days, undecided!

I just got a most interesting phone call from a Letcher County native now living in Georgia. I’m sure many of you knew and still know Patsy Howard. She sounds the way I do, even though we’ve both been away from the mountains for several years. I also had a call from another hill country gal, good friend Rose Ballard called. We sure had a good chat. Talking with these two is like talking to a good neighbor same as we had back home. Red and I are still hoping to go down Memorial weekend and just maybe they will be there also and we can meet at Pine Mountain Grill.

I’ve got several May birthdays, so to all a happy birthday and may your day be sunny and special with family, friends and lots of cake, ice cream and presents. On the fifth my little friends from Jonesborough, Tenn., twins Brooke and Bailey Graham (not so little now, they are 11); my nephew, Steve Sanders, on the 11th; cousin Eva Dale Douglas in Sacramento, Calif., on the 9th; dear friend Gaynell (Joyce) in Indiana and Pauline Newsome in Elyria, on the 15th; Red’s nephew, Troy Lynn Engle, in Pennsylvania on the 18th; Victoria Diane Adams (DeeDee) in Whitesburg (granddaughter of Red’s niece, Caleta Engle Adams) on the 19th; my niece, Lana Sergent, in Murray, on the 22nd; and on the 30th our great grandson, Joshua Presley Engle, will celebrate, he’s Steven and Lisa’s son and Bill and Redia’s grandson.

I also want to send anniversary congratulations to cousins James and Janice Jordan of Indiana on May 28. Love and best wishes.

Well, I finally had that long overdue talk with myself and did get some letters in the mail.

This weekend is church time at Pleasant View in Litchville. We will probably go if Red is up to it. Alex Collier, from Millstone originally, is assistant moderator there. I’m sure many of you who live in or near Millstone will remember him and his family. We went to Little Edna here in Lorain last weekend. It was such a beautiful day and people kept coming in. I thought it must be a special meeting but wasn’t, everyone was so happy to see sunshine they just felt like going to church.

I talked to Jeanie and she sounded weak and tired. She said she had been doing some cleaning and must have over exerted herself. Like me, it takes her more than a day to clean. Wish I could do as I used to, take a room apart, clean everything in it and put it back together in one day. Them days are gone forever. Now it takes me about all day just to dust a room; course I do take frequent breaks!

I talked to both Georgia and Jettie. Both families seem to be doing OK.

It’s time to get this ready for Miss Catt, she works till 8 p.m. on Thursdays and it’s 7 p.m. now. She works a double on Fridays so has no time to do e-mailing Friday. Wishing each and everyone a great week, filled with love and sunshine and peace to all. Love and prayers and a most happy Mother’s Day to all moms, grandmothers and mothers-to-be. Same time, same place next week.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, emmalouengle @yahoo.com, (440)233- 7548.

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