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Mostly cloudy

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Howdy, y’all. Hope you are having a nice day, same as us. We did have some rain this morning and now it’s getting to be my kind of weather, supposed to be in the 80s today and it’s getting there fast.

Hope this finds everyone well and having fun, just be sure to watch out for the little ones. Schools have ended here and there are several small ones on our street and they do seem to like playing in the street, so it’s a slow go for drivers. Gotta take care of them as they are the future.

I got to see baby Elizabeth. She is a little smiley butterball, weighs 17 pounds and is nine months old. It’s hard to believe she was so tiny at birth. The rest of the greats are all well. Joshua had a birthday party at a park. Happy birthday, Joshua. And a happy birthday also to Georgia; it was on June 6.

Bill and Redia were by earlier in the week. Redia’s cold just happens to be a severe case of bronchitis, but she is getting better after a round of antibiotics.

Red has talked to Jean and Charles since we got back. Charles was batching it; Delores, Darla and Abby went to Branson on a mini vacation. Sure hope they had a great time.

Did you see the pictures of the young girl and adult woman in The Eagle? That was our very good friend, Joyce Gaynell Fields, a birthday greeting from her children, grands and greats. Beautiful Gaynell, now I know what you looked like as a young’un. Hope this finds you and all your family well and happy.

Hello to a dear friend, Emilie Schmidt. I was so hoping to see you in Letcher County. I do understand, maybe next year. I did get to see your sister, Shirley Sizemore. I did not know her at first but she and my youngest sister, Anna Goins. are really good friends. As Anna and I were driving along, lo and behold a light came on, I told Anna I did remember her from Sugar Shack and remembered her coming from the kitchen and what booth or table she always sat at. Small world, is it not? Our favorite place to eat when in Whitesburg was Sugar Shack; even Mom loved it as long as she was able to go out.

Bobby Joe and Madonna, how was your trip to the mountains? Did you gather some new records, CDs or other types of music? I do hope you are both well and having a great summer. Just keep on with the “Gospel Jubilee”. I’m sure there are many who really enjoy listening and who got a blessing from the program. My love and prayers to both of you and hoping someday to meet you in person.

Hello to Sarah Belle, Chester, Henry Warren, Jeanie, Anna Lea, Richard and Ronald Buford. Love you all and see you in August.

I got the sweetest call from cousin Beulah Wright Bentley a few days ago. I really do like talking with her. I like to write and some would rather call, either way suits me even though I’m way behind. Don’t know when I’ll ever catch up. I’m having a hard time getting things together after our trip. I did manage to do all the laundry and ironing (yep, I still iron).

I’m getting ready for a garage sale. I finally made up my mind it’s time to part with some of my treasures and stuff. Some I have had 50 years or more. It’s kinda hard to let go but needs doing so if I shed a tear or two I’ll be sure no one else knows about it. Can anyone explain to me why we hang onto things when all they do is sit on a shelf gathering dust or, if you’re like me, in the basement or boxed away where no one can see them?

Haven’t seen or heard from Catharine this week so I will probably have Bill send this. I think he and Redia are coming by later.

I seem to be suffering a mental block. Before I started writing I thought of a lot I wanted to say, guess I’ll blame Red. I had to stop and fix him some vittles and now I need my daily nap. Guess I’ll have to keep a notepad handy so I can write down when something comes to mind.

Hello, Oma, Rose and Gladys, see you in the paper and do hope you are having a great summer.

Till next time, stay well, stay happy, and enjoy the sunshine with love and prayers and peace to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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