Whitesburg KY
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Warm weather made excursions fun


Hello everyone, I hope all are staying healthy. I am going to miss the warmer weather we have had as I’m not a cold weather fan. I am definitely not ready for snow.

Mike and I were able to take our lunch to Riverside Park this past week. This is becoming one of our favorite places to sit and eat. Just watching the river flow by is so relaxing.

One afternoon, Mike and I took a side-by-side ride up the Gas Well Road. We didn’t go towards Town Hill this time, we went to the right. It was pretty there, and I did get some good pictures. I was trying to get the camera on my phone to work when Mike said, ‘Look at that’. I didn’t see it, but he saw the back end of what looked like a bear go over the hill. Our side-by-side makes enough noise to scare off animals. We didn’t see any other animals.

I think most of the tree cutting by Asplundh is done in our area. The men doing the work are so friendly and we’ve enjoyed talking with them.

This past week marked my two-year anniversary of being retired. I don’t think I’ve done much since I’ve retired. There is definitely a lot more I could and should do.

A year and half ago, my cousin Jenny Stiger of Crestview gave me a Christmas cactus. Last year around Thanksgiving it had one bloom. This year it should have a lot more blooms as it’s budding out. It’s more of a Thanksgiving cactus instead of a Christmas cactus. My Granny (Beulah Caudill) had a Christmas cactus plant. I loved that plant as it was so pretty once it bloomed.

My cousins, Kathy LaMonte of Clinton, Mississippi and Shirley Harris of Tinsley, Mississippi, came in for a few days. It was good seeing them and spending time together.

My sister, Susan Ware of Lexington, and her friend Donna Hollingshead of Monticello came in for the weekend. Susie took a COVID test before she came. She always worries about getting our brother or me sick. I do appreciate her thinking of us.

One of my favorite “how we met” stories is about Susie and Donna. I’m repeating what I remember so the details may not be accurate. It was the first day of their sophomore year of high school in Lexington. Susie was sitting outside during lunch as it was her first day at a new high school. There was a girl sitting outside also, who turned out to be Donna. Apparently they both were thinking, I wish she would say hi to me. Finally it was time to go in, one of them said to the other “Do you know where such and such class is?” The other responded “I don’t know as this is my first day here”. It was the first day at a new school for both of them. They’ve been friends since.

I have always enjoyed this story and appreciated it.

Janis and Michael Marr stopped by on Saturday afternoon to see her dad John Campbell. They were going to go visit her grandpa Glen Brown of Whitesburg after this visit. Janis and Mike were with their children, Anna, Myles, Addison, Tucker, and Campbell. They stayed in the car and we talked to them through the windows. We did get to see the baby Campbell Rose. John, Susie, Donna, Mike, and I all had masks on in the yard. It was good seeing them all from a distance.

On Saturday afternoon we had a cookout on Town Hill. We had hotdogs and marshmallows. Those attending were Susan Ware, Donna Hollingshead, John Campbell, Samantha Brock, Gabe Brock, Mike Wenning and Martha Wenning. It was a good time. We had a wonderful sunset to watch.

On Friday and Saturday nights, Kathy LaMonte and Shirley Harris came over and we talked for hours. Kathy, Shirley, Susie, Donna and I talk a lot and together that’s a lot of talking. It was so much fun to sit around. Mike was here for most of it and even talked with us. Spending time with family make me feel like we will get back to “normal”.

I am looking so forward to the Gibson family reunion in June. We all missed not having one in 2020.

Kathy, Shirley, Donna, Susie, Mike, and I did have breakfast at The Pine Mountain Grill before Susie and Donna headed back home. We enjoyed our breakfast time together. It was good have Susie and Donna in for the weekend.

I did hear from another cousin, Debbie Vice of Flemingsburg, over the weekend. We talked for over an hour on the phone. It was good to talk with Debbie.

On Monday, Kathy, Shirley, and I went to the Eolia Mission. Shirley and Kathy had gone on Friday and wanted to go back. This was my first time there. We had a nice time driving around.

Jewel Crase of Cowan passed away on November 11, 2020. She was 91 years old. She was preceded in death by her husband, Dorsey Crase, and an infant daughter, Penny Crase.

She is survived by three daughters: Mildred (June) Hogg of Whitesburg; Paula (David) Day of Cowan; and Candace (Craig) Spangler of Maysville. She had six grandchildren: April (Brian) Frazier; Brandi (Kris) Anderson; Amber (Anthony) Surber; Allison (Mike) Maxey; Lindsay Spangler, and Andrew (Crisi) Spangler. She leaves behind six great-grandchildren: Olivia Frazier; Zoey Frazier; Lilee Hall; Kynslee Surber; Nate Maxey; and Sloane Anderson.

Private services were held on November 14, 2020 at Letcher Funeral Home Chapel in Whitesburg.

Condolences are sent to Paula and David Day.

The quote of the week is attributed to Celestine Chua. “If you see a positive side to everything, you’ll be able to live a much richer life than others.”

If you have any news please email me Cowannews@aol.com. Thank you. Have a healthy and safe week. I’ll continue wearing a mask.

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