Whitesburg KY

Warm weather making flowers bloom

Hello everyone!

How is everyone enjoying this unusual beautiful December weather? Oh I wish it could last until May!

My lilac bushes have buds on them, poppies are up, the rose bush has new leaves, and a couple of dandelions are blooming.

Once again it is difficult to get into the Christmas spirit. I’ve heard if Christmas isn’t in your heart you won’t find it.

Well, it isn’t in my heart, as there’s so much sadness in this world, corruption, and stupid people filing lawsuits over pictures of Jesus, saying that it is racist!

We are having things crammed down people’s throats, and being told you can’t do this, and you can’t do that.

When are people going to stand up and say, “This is enough?”

Sunday was Old Time Fiddlers Christmas party, we really had a great turnout with plenty of food and several musicians, which meant great music.

Polly Maucher from New Trenton, Ind., via Roxana, came to O.T.F. Polly sat where she could enjoy the music, and I sat in my usual spot.

I kept sneaking glances at Polly letting my thoughts take me back to the mountains of our childhood, and then of the festival at Roxana, where we stood looking at each other, not knowing either of us were going to be there. It is so good to be around Polly.

When I awoke I was very sick and I thought about calling Vicki Power to ask if she could handle everything without me. That thought stayed for a few seconds before reality took over.

I dressed in red and white and put on my Santa hat. I put a smile on my wrinkled face, went shopping for the things I needed, made a large bowl of potato salad, and then out the door to take care of business.

I kept the tears at bay and enjoyed the afternoon as best as I could.

We had two special guest as former President Ken and Frances Jackson stopped by. It was really good to see these two.

O.T.F. sends out sympathy to John and Marlene Steuver of Dillsboro, Ind., who lost a son after a brief illness, and also to Lynnville Thompson who lost a son the same day.

Lynnville is a banjo player and is 91 years old. He is in very good health and a joy to have as a member .

Several were absent due to illness. I wish I could learn to separate personal feelings, but this is something I have never been able to do. I always end up caring too much for other people.

Southern Ohio

Belated anniversary wishes to Doyle and Betty Ison on Dec. 13. I know when their birthdays are but somehow I completely let their anniversary slip by.

Doyle and Betty aren’t feeling very perky, and I hope how soon they are back to full speed.

Johnny and Ann Calihan’s daughter Sue Wagner spent a few days in the hospital. Tom, Sue and Lauren live away and it is hard on Ann when Sue is sick as she and Johnny can’t get there to be with her.

Ann is still having trouble with her arm from a fall several months ago. Ann and I need to get together and go for a ride, and see if we can laugh our health problems away!

They say laughter is the best medicine. That isn’t really true because if it was, I wouldn’t be sick a day in my life. Every time Betty Kelly and I get on the phone we are laughing.

Bill Kelly is having a few health problems. Betty needs a few chickens in her yard and she would be feeling right at home.

Actually I need a trip to the mountains I call home, but it is no satisfaction to go there at the holidays anymore.

One day this week Vicki and I may take an adventure to Waynesville, to see what we can get in to. I want to try to get out to see Christmas lights if possible.

Les and Pat Wagner are trying to recuperate from all the excitement from Thanksgiving and enjoying all the fellowship with family, not to mention all the good down home cooking.

Now Pat isn’t hard to please, just give her a hot dog and a Diet Coke and she is a happy camper. Les loves peanuts so I guess you could just give him a large bag of those and call it dinner.

Holidays are hard for everyone, and especially this family.

Hello to Becky and Polly Hasty, my thoughts have been with you.

Richard Caudill should be in his house before too much longer. Marcia has been busy painting as Mike and Ricky have been busy doing other inside work.

I understand Mike Caudill can multitask as he becomes Santa Claus for the holiday. I think this is great.

I would like to be on Ricky’s mountain to get a few branches of holly with the red berries. To me that is a symbol of Christmas.

This time of year reminds me of Gwen Huff Farmer’s Christmas cactus. It would bloom so pretty and Gwen would send me pictures.

I was at the store and saw some old time chocolate drops, hard tack, and ribbon candy. I bought a box of ribbon candy, but it wasn’t as good as I remember.

Daddy would always get the pink, white, yellow ribbon candy, coconut bonbons, chocolate drops, and a huge barber pole stick of peppermint candy along with the hard tack candy at Christmastime.

Oh how I recall the red, big Delicious apples and oranges, but we had no toys. Daddy always made sure we had plenty to eat.

My son Keith Ballard fixed the drain and it passed inspection. He sure saved me lots of money by knowing how to do this. Keith did research on the Internet and found some things to instruct him.

It has been a long day and tomorrow is going to be the same. When the weather turns cold please check on your elderly neighbors.

Until next time.

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