Whitesburg KY

Warmer weather brings a few tulips in bloom

Southern Ohio

Hello again, everyone! Things are really starting to get green in this area. As I look across the hayfield from my house, the neighbor’s yard is looking so beautiful. My lilac bushes are starting to bud, and I have a few tulips that have come up.

I ventured to North Vernon, Ind., to Edgar Huff’s funeral. I did not know Edgar Huff, his wife or children. I went to see my friend Gwen Huff Farmer, and I was treated as if I was close family. It was so wonderful to see Gwen again, though the circumstances were sad. I met Gwen’s son, Glen Jr., who is very nice. I got to meet Clarence Huff ‘s daughter, Kim, and her beautiful daughter. They look more like sisters than mother and daughter.

I met a sandy-haired young man from Roxana recently. He is Lee and Sophie Hogg’s son, Coy Hogg.

I had met Ruby Roark once before at a fish fry given by Bill and Mary Whitaker Halcomb at Goshen Church. It was nice to see Ruby again. She lives at Linefork.

I asked Gwen who a lady was, although I was positive I recognized her from her picture. She is Odessa Brooks, Gwen’s niece. Odessa and I have corre- sponded on the computer, however we had never met in person. Odessa’s home was destroyed by the flood that hit Columbus, Ind., some time ago.

It probably isn’t nice to say you enjoyed going to a funeral, as my heart aches for all the Huff family. I am glad that I went to spend a short time with everyone.

Someone made a remark, I was not a stranger I was from the mountains and they were just Linefork people! I wonder if outsiders could understand the strong feelings that mountain people have for each other.

Gwen was so happy to see all her family as they live far apart and she doesn’t drive long distance.

On my way home I stopped at an antique store. Several things really made me think of growing-up days at Roxana. This was the first time in years I had seen different sizes of washtubs. I didn’t see a washboard. I did see several old irons with the wooden handles that were in good condition, and quite a few coal oil lamps.

The Old Time Fiddlers at Miamitown, Ohio, had the largest crowd that we’ve had in sometime. There were 55 in attendance. One of the members brought chili, and my son, Keith Ballard, donated barbecue. There were all kinds of desserts brought in by the members. We had a special guest, Bill Proffitt, who is originally from eastern Kentucky and now makes Redding, Ohio his home. Bill came to the Letcher County Day Picnic here in Harrison, Ohio last September. It was really nice seeing him again. Bill has a sister that works for a bank in Whitesburg.

My friend, Vickie Power, and I took a ride to Cincinnati to Eden Park which overlooks the Ohio River. This is a beautiful park. Our visit was abruptly ended due to bad weather. The sirens started blasting and I finally realized it was a tornado warning. We made a quick departure and headed off the hill.

Vickie and I took a drive to Rising Sun, which overlooks the river. We took a long walk along the river which was very pleasant. We are going to try to find our way to Rabbit Hash, which you can see directly across the river from Rising Sun.

The Calihan family is doing well. Ann’s vision is really cleared up since her surgery. She says Johnny looks as good as when she met him years ago.

My little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold had a bad fall which resulted in a busted mouth and gum. It scared Angie so bad that she called Ann and Johnny’s daughter, Sue Wagoner. Sue is a pediatric nurse and Angie is a nurse herself, yet she always calls Sue for advice. Little Bennie had a swollen upper lip but nothing that won’t heal in a few days.

Hello, Willa Mae and Carl Boggs. I hope this finds you both doing okay.

Hello, Derringer, from the Hall family.

My sister-in-law, Wanda, has been doing some spring cleaning. Her house is always so neat. I really don’t know how she does it as much as she works. Richie isn’t able to do the work that he used to do, and it bothers him a lot. When your health fails you have to give it up sometimes.

Wanda stopped in to see our brother, Wallace Lee Hall, and his wife, Georgia, at Letcher Manor.

My brother, Jerry, and Mattie Hall call to check on me occasionally.

Shirley Wells had supper with several in her family. She has decided to trade her sweatshirts in for short sleeves.

Barefoot Bill and Betty Kelly got some good news. Their daughter, Missy, had a scan for her cancer and everything is wonderful. God does perform miracles!

I know Betty’s feet have been itching to touch the mountain soil one more time since it is getting springtime.

I really enjoyed the article in The Mountain Eagle of the chamber pot that was retrieved by Bessie Shepherd for her friend. I really expected to read that Bessie had climbed up the side of the mountain herself. I met Bessie a couple of years ago; she is a really sweet person.

I better get this headed down old Kentucky way, so until next time.

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