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Watauga Lake provides get-away

Sorry I didn’t have a column last week. We decided to get away for a few days.

Don and Coreen Pridemore, Bob, Kenny Joe and I, Bonita Adams, Liberty and Noah Campbell all went to Watauga Lake in Tennessee. We had a beautiful three-story log cabin by the lake with a dock and canoe out back. Sorry to say, but fishing wasn’t good, nothing but bluegill and turtles.

Liberty, Noah, Bonita, Mom and Dad took in a few yard sales and antique shops in Mountain City and some of us paddled around in the canoe. It was good to be together and as always some good meals together.

Vada Caudill and Ivan Adams are both back home after some rehab at Letcher Manor Nursing Home.

Bill Maggard of Sycamore Loop, had to stay in the hospital a few weeks ago. His and Wanda’s daughter Lucillia and her family came in to check on them.

Clayton Shepherd is now a patient at the Veterans Nursing Home in Hazard. We hope he is settling in okay there, but we’ll miss him around the neighborhood sitting on his porch or seeing him pulling weeds around his yard. Clayton stayed active, which surely helped him to stay home as long as he did. He’s probably the oldest fellow in the Jeremiah area. I know Roland and Carol will miss him around the home, but am glad there’s a place to take good care of him close to home.

Onis Barnett has been having breathing problems and is back and forth to the doctor a lot lately. We hope he’s feeling better. Jeremiah

I was happy for Brenda Cupps, who recently joined Isom Presbyterian Church and was baptized. She was very happy to let her friends and family know her good news.

Last Saturday was the annual stir-off at Ellis Adams’s on Blair Branch. Many family and friends came out to help and had a good old-fashioned lunch with soup, soup beans, salmon cakes, kraut and wieners and more, plus peach and strawberry cobbler and other desserts. They only made a small batch of molasses this year, but it had a good taste despite being a little thick.

Also on Saturday, Johnny Combs and Sandy Hall had cake and ice cream for their mother, Hazel Adams’s, birthday. It was in the solarium room off the dining hall at Letcher Manor Nursing Home. Bill and Joyce Adams, Bob and I, Larry and Misha Hall and Ethan Combs attended to help her celebrate, as did some of the staff. Hazel enjoyed the gifts and attention.

Bob, Coreen and I went to Poor Fork Church at Cumberland last Sunday. We had a good service and pretty good crowd. A lot of our area attended.

The old Blair barn below Letcher School is in the process of being torn down. It had gotten in bad shape and was falling in so it was the safest thing to do, but also kind of sad to see it burning.

There will be a fall festival sale at Gwen’s Country Attic on Saturday, Oct. 8. Free food and other happenings so stop in and check it out.

K. P. and Lana Pridemore spent last weekend at Somerset and brought back apples from Haney’s Apple Orchard and Barn.

This Sunday will be the meeting time at Little Ruby Church at Crases Branch. It begins at 2:30 and all are welcome to attend.

We’re sorry the kidney transplant didn’t work out for Sylvania Whitaker. We kept up with it while we were out of town through Facebook on the computer. Hopefully the doctor can find her a match.

Marie Banks was happy to tell that she has another great-grandbaby. Lowell’s son, Josh, is a new father.

There will be a memorial meeting at the Lewis Back Cemetery on the hill behind Clark and Opal Duke’s home at Jeremiah. It will be Oct. 8 at 2 p.m. All are welcome to attend.

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