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Watch out for idiot drivers

As May has come and gone, we are reminded of the hot weather yet to come.

Being Memorial Weekend, there was no doubt a lot of folks were out on the roads — and sober, I hope. For all those who were not sober, I hope all have a court date.

There is no excuse for driving impaired, and if I was on a jury I would look at this situation long and hard. If any impaired driver has no respect for himself or herself, they should at least consider the safety of innocent people and our law enforcement people because you endanger their lives as well.

I have been on the highway 49 years and a trooper has never had to issue me a vehicle citation. Although my driving days are about over, I would never have survived this long if not for our law enforcement personnel.

Now that our hot weather is here, drivers will get awfully thirsty. I hope they will use common sense and pack their coolers with water and other drinks, and keep the devil’s brew out of them. At least while they are out on the road.

Some people act like pure idiots while on the highway, anyway. Some of them think it is unethical to have to follow another vehicle. If a vehicle was going 90 miles per hour, eventually someone would just have to pass it. They can’t stand the thought of not being first in line.

Courtesy goes a long way out on the highway. If you get a citation while on the highway, that trooper isn’t trying to meet his or her quota because they don’t have a quota. But they are required to do their job to the best of their ability.

Now a little humor:

A woman had a husband who came home drunk every Friday night, and always ended up vomiting in the kitchen sink.

One Friday evening she wanted some chicken and dumplings, so she killed a chicken, plucked it and gutted it, and cleaned it in the kitchen sink. After she put it on to cook, she decided to sit down and rest awhile before she cleaned out the sink.

Shortly she heard her husband come in, then she heard him vomiting in the skink. When he entered the living room he was awful sick and said, “You were right, Hon, I puked my guts out just like you said I would. But with the help of the good Lord and a big spoon, I got them back down.”

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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