Whitesburg KY

Watch service is good way to end, begin year


I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. Several were going and coming to be with loved ones and friends. I spent Christmas with Carl and Marsha along with Dr. Greg Carvetti, Missy and children of Chicago, and Kay Amburgey of Lexington. The weather was nice. They also visited with Mae Amburgey and family. Hope everyone had a safe trip home.

We haven’t had any real bad weather so far. A white Christmas is pretty, but not very good for traveling.

Several attended church at Little Cowan on Sunday. Several attended a watch service at the Little Cowan Church to wait the old year out and the new year in. It is a good way to see the old year go out and the new year come in.

I haven’t heard much news since Christmas. Maybe no news is good news.

Mrs. Elizabeth Fairchild enjoyed Christmas with her children who live away. I miss her when she is gone.

Most everyone decorated for Christmas and I guess they are busy putting things away.

Our sympathy to Mrs. Laraine Sexton and all of her family in the death of her son during Christmas and to the many other families whose loved ones have passed away. It’s not the same when they are gone.

Billie Ann and Connie Gilley enjoyed going with Bobby and Georgia Phillips to the Mountain Arts Center for the Kentucky Opera Christmas show.

Kathy Lamonte, daughter Sarah, and niece Grace were in for a short visit. It was good seeing them.

Virginia Brown had a nice visit by her granddaughter, Jenny Lou, children Crystal and Jonathan, and her friend Mary Kilibrue. Jenny’s dad, Steven, also visited on Saturday and her brother, Robert, Sherry, Bradley and Joseph came on Sunday.

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