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Water board urged to be ready for stimulus funds

The State of Kentucky could receive $250 billion from President Biden’s infrastructure stimulus plan soon.

Alan Bowman of Bell Engineering advised the Board of Directors of the Letcher County Water and Sewer District to look at all its remaining project profiles for the possibility of funding. Bowman told the board members that they will need to have all their project planning ready if they are called on.

The infrastructure bill has not yet been approved by Congress. The White House is negotiating with Congress now. The holdup is the difference between the Democrats’ and the Republicans’ definition of infrastructure, and the Republicans’ refusal so far to agree to an increase in corporate taxes to fund the plan.

Bowman al so said there has also been a lot of movement from U.S. Fifth District Congressman Hal Rogers’s office on the Cumberland River Water Treatment Plant, although loan forgiveness was not included in the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority funding package. Bowman said the project did not rank high enough on the list of statewide projects for funding to qualify for loan forgiveness.

Bowman also said details from Tridimite Water Treatment have been received and a master plan is being developed in order to revise the existing engineering report and to negotiate a property purchase.

The project was approved for funding without loan forgiveness when KIA met earlier this month, and the official letter was approved this week. District representatives will discuss the matter to determine their course of action. Bell Engineering, the Kentucky River Area Development District and LCWSD will probably need to meet with KIA on the matter.

Each phase of the project will be fully funded and the money for each will have spent in the project year. The preliminary and site work is fully funded and it will need to be complete to be ready for the plant in order to go for more funds. All four phases may have to be designed and submitted to KIA within the next few months.

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