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Water district still seeks Cumberland River lines

Letcher County is moving forward on a possible source of clean water for Cumberland River area residents.

The Board of Directors of the Letcher County Water and Sewer District conducted its May meeting by the ZOOM Internet app last week, and learned that a revision has been filed for a new Appalachian Regional Commission grant application to move funds from Phase I to Phase IV for the Cumberland River Water Project.

The change was requested by the Kentucky River Area Development District in order to repurpose previously allocated water line extension funding to move toward a water source for the Cumberland River area. The Kentucky Infrastructure Authority has also indicated that it ranks the project high on a statewide basis and will offer Letcher County an invitation for funding assistance later this year.

With the possibility of a federal prison being located at Roxana now on hold, the Division of Abandoned Mine Lands has indicated that it will support the use of existing funds for the prison being used to construct water lines in the Roxana area. The Bureau of Prisons and the Army Corps of Engineers will meet in order to discuss transferring funds for the prison at Roxana for use to extend water lines to the area. It is likely that work on the lines at Roxana will be split into two projects, one funded by the Corps and one by AML. A memorandum of agreement with Abandoned Mine Lands has been signed to install a water line interconnect at Deane with the Knott County Water District.

The water line at the Craft’s Colly Bridge site has been uncovered during bridge rebuilding activities, and the scope of work has been changed to safeguard the line rather than relocating it during construction. The revised scope of work has been submitted to contractor Bizzack and the Kentucky Department of Transportation.

On May 21, a meeting was held with the Kentucky Department of Transportation and QK4, a Louisville engineering company that is working with the DOT in replacing bridges on secondary roads at the site of the Caudill Town Bridge. The bridge replacement in Caudill Town is underway and the water line should have been moved, but was not. QK4 and the Kentucky Department of Transportation will work to make sure the line is moved.

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