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Water restored for most Neon customers who were without

Water has been restored for Fleming-Neon Water Company customers living in Goose Creek, but about 15 to 25 households located in higher elevations in Neon are still having water problems, said water supervisor Chris Banks.

“We’re slowly but surely getting everyone back,” said Banks.

Since February 1, about 10 percent of Fleming-Neon Water Company customers — or roughly 120 households — have had water on and off.

“ I think everyone is getting water periodically through the day,” said Banks.

Banks said 11 leaks have been detected and repaired since the beginning of February. Several problems have been found including small leaks as well as pressure valves and gate valves that needed to be replaced.

“We got some valves changed in McRoberts (Monday),” said Banks. “We are able to send enough water downtown to do leak detection. I’m still not able to fill the Neon tank.”

Water was turned off in some places on March 4 while repairs were done. A boil water advisory is in effect for all Fleming-Neon Water Company customers.

Banks said a large leak is located in downtown Neon, but the leak is yet to be found.

“We are getting closer, unfortunately we have not found that big, major leak that is giving us trouble,” said Banks. “It’s leaking probably right at 100 gallons a minute. It’s ridiculous.”

An engineering firm will conduct more leak detection tests on Thursday and Friday. Kentucky Rural Water agency is also scheduled to run more leak detection tests soon.

The City of Fleming-Neon ordered a leak detection kit for the water company.

“Four men and myself are exhausted working around the clock,” said Banks. “We are exhausting all our means we can try to get this solved,” said Banks. “It has been a nightmare.”

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