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Water, sewer rates set to go up soon in Neon

Water and sewer rates will go up in Fleming-Neon following publication of a new rate ordinance in The Mountain Eagle. In a unanimous vote at Monday’s meeting, the Fleming- Neon City Council voted unanimously to approve the second reading of the water rate ordinance, which is required by Kentucky Infrastructure Authority to allow the city to qualify for funding to rehabilitate the city’s water and sewer facilities. The ordinance was not changed since the first reading in January.

Water rates will be raised to $18.08 per month for the first 2,000 gallons, and water customers who live outside the city will pay $21.05. Usage above the first 2,000 gallons for both residents and out-of-town users will be $6.28 per 1,000 gallons.

The rate for the first 2,000 gallons for sewer treatment will be raised to $15.86 for both city residents and outof town residents and the rate per additional 1,000 gallons will be $5.51. The tap fee for low-pressure sewer lines will be $3,500. A three percent increase for water and sewer use will be assessed every year following the initial increase.

In a related matter, Ken Reid of Nesbitt Engineering, which is working with the city on water and sewer matters, reported that Phase I of the Water Plant Rehabilitation

Project will be ready to go to bid sometime “before Mother’s Day.”

Water Manager Chris Banks told the council that he expects water losses to go down significantly since work crews located and repaired a major leak in McRoberts. Banks said that from the look of the pipe and area around the leak, it had been leaking for years, He added that the leak was reported by a citizen and urged others who see signs of line breaks or other water leaks to call City Hall or the water company to report them, adding that it will help keep bills down and ensure a safer water supply. Banks said that since the leak was repaired, water loss rates have dropped from 430,000 gallons a day to 220,000 gallons a day. The water loss for January stood at 27 percent.

At the request of Police Chief Mike Dingus, the council declared a 2006 Ford LTD Crown Victoria police cruiser as surplus. Mayor Susie Polis suggested that the council vote to give the car to the Letcher County Rangers, who, she said, need a new vehicle badly. Polis said the Rangers are always there to help the city when they are needed. The council voted unanimously to donate the car to them.

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