Whitesburg KY

Watts has encouraged 20% of folks to be organ donors

More than 20 percent of Letcher County residents are now organ donors, after a push by Circuit Clerk Mike Watts to increase the number.

Only 12 percent were donors when Watts took office in January 2019, but he has made it a priority to educate the county’s residents on the importance of organ donation.

Watts and his staff have hosted information tables at the courthouse, volunteered at the Mountain Heritage Festival, and shared stories of local recipients and donor families. Last September, Watts started a “Hero Wall” in the driver’s license office, honoring local donors. Family members of donors and recipients attended the unveiling.

“As a community, we must support one another by registering to become organ donors,” Watts stated. “A simple ‘yes’ provides hope to so many people right here in Letcher County. I want to give a huge thank you to our citizens, my wife Donna who volunteers, the Letcher County Circuit Clerk’s office staff, and local recipients and donor families who agreed to share their stories.”

Anyone wanting to become a donor can register online any time at RegisterMe.org, sign the organ donor statement on the back of their driver’s license, or complete a donor registration card at the clerk’s office.

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