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Mostly sunny

Wayne Boggs has a new granddaughter

Families and friends Big Cowan

Hello everyone. Hoping all had a wonderful Easter.

I went to church with Mike and Melinda with a dinner afterward at Kings Chapel. Too early for me to go to sunrise service. Guess my body needed sleep instead of food that early. Natural food that is. I can use all the spiritual food that I can get.

B ro. Matt Mor ton preached on ‘Sounds of Calvary’ and I have my heart back to the Lord.

Mike, Melinda and Archie are all doing pretty well this week. Keep them in prayer.

Inez Reed Tate died one year ago at the age of 91. Still missed by all who knew her.

Happy birthday this week to the following: Atha Fields and Matthew Eldridge, both on April 28; Eugene Day on April 29; and Linda Day Fields on May 2.

My sister-in-law Dana Fields Brown died one year ago on April 30, and is still missed by all of us.

Wayne Boggs has a new granddaughter. She is so precious. She was five days old when I saw her.

Roy Wayne Fields was in from Somerset. I told him I did not think he was allowed in this part of the country. Was really good seeing him. Another boy who grew up on Cowan.

I got pulled over the other day by the Virginia State Police. Not for speeding, but for following him too close. I thought they had to be behind you before they could pull you over. When he flashed his lights I thought he was pulling the car over in front of him. Then he turned his lights off and then pulled off the road. He turned the lights back on, then he pulled in behind me and pulled me over.

He had an attitude. Well anyway, I got by with a warning. Ha, ha!

Prayer requests this week: Joyce Wilson, Agnes Maggard, Zane Day Georgette Sims, Louise Sturgill, Leonard Gabbard, all my friends, neighbors and family, all the shut-ins, homeless, drug addicts and alcoholics.

Well folks, I have to go for now. Until next time, may God bless each and every one.

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