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Wayne, Missy Fields mark 21st year

Big Cowan

Hello everyone and hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and don’t forget to give thanks. We all should be thankful for our freedom, for our families, etc.

I had a very good birthday and received a few cards and some money, and went out to dinner. Thanks everyone.

Also, my nephew Wayne and Missy Fields celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary. Congrats to them. They have three children, Deidre, Tonya, and Alexis, and a son-in-law Sammy Gibson.

We went to see Hazel Rayburn last week. She is doing pretty well. Michael Rayburn has been in the hospital but is back home. He still needs everyone’s prayers.

Some good news — Becky Collins has a new grandson. Her daughter Kate gave birth on Nov. 17. Congrats to all.

Happy birthday to Linda Polly on Dec. 1. She will be 62. Melinda ‘K-K’ Daniel will be 39 on Dec. 3. She is the oldest daughter of Brack Sexton. Hope both of you enjoy your day!

Since I will be gone for Thanksgiving, I will put the rest of the December birthdays and anniversaries in when I return.

Also Dec. 3 one year ago, Mary Lou Turner from Ingrams Creek died and is still missed very much by her family and friends.

Johnny Collier has been in the hospital. Hope he is feeling better.

I made a mistake in last week’s paper on Paige Brown’s first name. It is not Alexis but is Allisha. Also, when Joshua Fields died, I wrote that he had twin sons but they are not. My prayers go out to his wife and two little boys. I am sure he is missed by all!

Everyone that travels this weekend, be careful. Have a safe trip. Enjoy yourselves, eat plenty turkey, and return safely. Thanksgiving was always my favorite because all the family got together and sometimes we exchanged Christmas gifts if we weren’t going to be together at Christmas. Now everyone seems to go in all diff erent directions because of extended families and it is very hard to get everyone together at the same time.

We are planning on going to Indiana to spend Thanksgiving with our son Chad and his family, but Mike and Melinda will not be with us. I hate to leave them behind, but I am sure they will get a good dinner somewhere. One of these weekends we will probably take them up there so Mike can see all of his friends!

One of the reasons we want to go Thanksgiving weekend is because they have a big flea market by Stewart Promotions in Indy. They have three buildings full and we like to go.

Melinda and I went to Faith Community Church on Sunday and enjoyed it. They had dinner and fellowship afterward. I met James Follace Fields and had a nice conversation with him and I saw a few other people there that I knew. Their pastor Dock Frazier was sick and unable to be there. John Fowler did special singing. Keep Dock in your prayers.

All have a good week. Attend the church of your choice.

Also, Leo Sexton needs our prayers. He is in the hospital.

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