Whitesburg KY

W’burg budget is $5.2 million

The Whitesburg City Council voted unanimously to approve the second reading of its $5.2 million budget for Fiscal Year 2021– 2022 at a special meeting held on Monday, June 28. The first reading was held on June 25.

The budget includes all city departments, including Water and Sewer and calls for a surplus of $1 million.

The total projected amount appropriated for General Government is $644,180. The appropriation for the Police Department is $577,474 and the appropriation for the Sanitation Department is $339,145. The Whitesburg Fire Department has a projected appropriation of $415,354 and the Street Department appropriation stands at $426,840. The swimming pool is projected to get $111,550 and the Parks Department is set for $14,000. The Recycling Department is $222,325 and the ABC Department appropriation is $144,100. Water and Sewer totals $1,780,560.

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