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We could be in for a bad winter


Sorry I haven’t had a column in the last couple of weeks. I just couldn’t get in the mood to write. The combination of cold, snowy weather and four days without water kind of took away my motivation.

Many families have been touched by sadness since my last column.

Faye Taylor of Isom died because of complications from her recent heart attack and surgery. She was a friend to many, and I always enjoyed hearing from her. She will be missed, not only by her family, but those in the community. Our sympathy goes out to Wanda, Terry and Tasha and their families, and to her sister, Opal, and the rest of her large group of loved ones.

Larry Caudill of Indiana, formerly of Letcher County, died suddenly, and we were all sorry to hear of his death. He had been having health problems for the last few years and his wife, Mary, had recently become sick.

He died while taking care of Mary, and their daughter was there at that time also helping out. She tried to help him, but it wasn’t in God’s plan. They think that his heart gave out, and he was gone.

He was a brother to Geraldine Ison. It was hard for her not to be able to go to Indiana for the funeral, but bad weather and health problems made it impossible to go.

Her and Rodney’s son Mike and grandson Ryan were able to go for her. Our prayers have been with Geraldine and Larry’s family. Larry and Mary both have many kinfolk in this area.

Ben Webb of Red Star also lost his battle with cancer Dec. 17. He was married to Iva Mae ‘Dease’ Dixon, and leaves her, his brothers Wilgus and Doug Webb, and many nieces and nephews and friends to mourn his passing.

What little I knew him, he was a friendly fellow, and took good care of ‘Dease,’ her mother Irene Dixon, and others who knew him. Usually I would see him at Doty Creek with his friend, Randall Caudill, working together. Our sympathy to his family.

Irene Dixon had to go to the hospital because she suff ered a blackout, and the doctors were doing tests to see what caused her to pass out. She was doing better and was to be released Sunday or Monday. Her daughters took turns staying with her during Ben’s death.

Get well wishes also to Ray Dean Adams and Lois Breeding, who have been having health problems.

Bill Maggard of Sycamore Loop, had to spend a few nights in the hospital a couple of weeks ago, but is home and hopefully feeling better.

Earnest Wayne and Joanne Smith gained a daughter-in-law. The whole family got together in Gatlinburg, Tenn., and rented a large cabin, and while there, Wayne married James and Megan out on the terrace. Joanne said she looked really beautiful, and they are happy to have her in their family.

Thirteen family and friends of the late Dee and Ethel Smith family had breakfast together at Pine Mountain Grill on Saturday. Mary Jo, Lillie Moss, Anna Lou and Tommy Harris were able to go, and some of their family members also.

Kenneth and Anna Lou Blair have been visiting family here for a few days.

Carol Shepherd Blair recently had her annual Christmas party for her girlfriends and daughters. They enjoy getting together every year, and by the many cars, she had a large crowd attending.

Some of Rob and Betty Campbell’s family got together at Bonnie and Martin Joe Adams’s home for dinner. I think it was Betty’s birthday. I hear the food was delicious. We’re all happy that Rob is doing so well these days.

Dorse Fields had to spend a night in the hospital a couple of weeks ago, but is home, and we hope is better now.

Gary Caudill has been visiting his family here for a few days. He brought his dad, Coman, out to Blair Branch Church on Sunday.

For it to be bad weather, we had a large group at church on Sunday, and a good meeting. At our singing Friday night, everyone brought in food to give to the Food Pantry, and we had a lot to send them.

I forgot to mention that Big Cowan Church lost a wonderful sister when Vivian Day Adams was called away by death. She and Carl were always good to greet you as you came into church and made you feel welcome. They were always good friends to Bob and me, and all the others who came by.

Our sympathy to her daughter and son and their families. Because of the bad weather, many could not come out to show their love for Sister Vivian, but I know many were thinking of her family during their sorrow.

We had colder than usual weather, the four days without water, then on Sunday evening we lost our electricity for about five hours. It makes me feel that we could be in for a long winter.

I felt really bad for those who lost their water and had small children or elderly to take care of. We were lucky to have our well water on our outside spigots and could pack water to flush our commodes and use as a backup. Others didn’t have this, and I know they had to struggle.

Mom (Coreen Pridemore) had to carry water from her late mother’s well at the old homeplace next door.

I don’t know whose fault it is that everyone down our way lost water, but if it could have been avoided, someone should have to answer for it. Maybe the reason will come out at the next meeting of the fiscal court, but we do appreciate the efforts the judge and others made to correct the problem. I feel our Blackey plant should be kept in working order as backup in cases like our recent water outage.

This is all just my opinion of course, but I just had to vent my frustrations about the whole ordeal.

Ivan and Freda Adams appreciated their neighbors, Randy and his family, who checked on them during the water ordeal. They brought their water in from the fire department and groceries when they needed them. Because of the bad road conditions at the time, Freda couldn’t get out.

It’s good to live in a place where you have neighbors checking on each other.

I hope everyone has a merry Christmas and is able to spend it with loved ones.

God bless all during this holy season, especially those who aren’t as fortunate as others; let’s do all we can for them and pray for the lonely and shut-ins. For some, the holidays can be very lonely if they have lost loved ones.

I will end with this poem written by Alma Rose Blair.

Just Believe — Sit still for awhile and enjoy the peace and quiet./Turn on the Christmas tree and enjoy the lights./Play some Christmas songs and listen to what the angels say./ Remember Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day./Does this make you think of a cold winter night/ When a baby was born who would bring the world a new light?/A light to guide us to the Father above/ Who sent His Son to die because of His love./The best gift you’ll ever receive is not found under a tree./ Just open your heart to Jesus then you will see/The true meaning of Christmas comes when you believe!!!

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