Whitesburg KY

We enjoyed the bike ride at Virginia Creeper Bike Trail

Election day has come and gone since I wrote last and when we stopped by the Doty precinct to vote, the workers reported that they were having a large turnout.

Bob, Hunter Banks and myself, Bonita Adams, Liberty and Noah Campbell all headed off to Damascus, Va., after we voted.

We rode bicycles on the Virginia Creeper Trail that day, and it was a nice day for our 17-mile journey. After a day on the trail we sat down for a good supper at Cracker Barrel before heading home.

It’s such a good day trip for anyone who enjoys nature, history and bike riding, even though the last couple of miles are a little tiring.

Since my last column Hoover Holcomb has celebrated a birthday. He called to check on Dad (Don Pridemore) after his surgery.

Dad had carpal tunnel surgery recently at the VA Hospital in Lexington. His hand still has stitches but is hopefully going to be better after it heals.

We were sorry to read that T.R. Breeding had recently died in Ohio. He was always so nice and friendly. Every time we met him he was interested in how everyone from his hometown was doing. He lived in Ohio for many years, but Isom was always home. Much sympathy to all his family and friends.

So many are still having health problems. Astor Blair has been seriously ill and in the hospital at Pikeville, as was Francine Caudill. Burnett Caudill has gotten back home on Doty Creek, but wasn’t feeling very well when Bob stopped by Sunday. Prayers go out for all.


Tommy Harris Smith recently spent a few days in the Whitesburg Hospital and was sent to Lexington, where he spent a few more days in a hospital there. He’s home now and Mary Jo Blair is keeping check on him.

Doug Wright also recently spent a few days in the hospital, but is home and out and about now.

Belated birthday wishes to Richard Hampton of Perkins Branch. I hope he had a great day. He is well known and loved throughout the area.

Ila Adams’s sister, Eolia Caudill, has been having heart problems and was having a stent put in. Ila had planned to go visit Merle and Eolia last Saturday, but wasn’t hardly up to the trip.

I hope all veterans are remembered and honored for their service to our county this Wednesday on Veterans Day, and also all other days of the year.

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