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We have a new cat


Hello everyone, I hope 2021 is off to a good start for you. It’s been fairly quiet, which is good. We’re hoping to see the sons sometime this month. I told the sons since we still have their Christmas gifts that their gifts are multiplying. I seem to find more when I go out. LOL.

A stray cat showed up last week. It was outside the bedroom door and meowing. I fed it and I made it a bed, all outside. The next day Buddy and Lady came down for a treat. I fed them and went inside. While we were eating lunch I could hear Buddy barking. I went outside a couple times and told him to be quiet. I told Mike it sounded like Buddy was under the house. Mike said Buddy couldn’t get under the house but may be under the deck. I figured the cat was there also.

After lunch Mike went out to get Buddy. Mike came back in and said Buddy is under the house and the cat is probably there also. The entrance to under the house had fallen down (probably from the wind). Mike got his flashlight and went under the house, but Buddy wouldn’t leave. I saw Buddy when I crawled under the porch.

Mike thought he heard the cat above the insulation and decided to have John get Buddy. John was in his yard so Mike hollered at him and said Buddy won’t come out. John thought we meant Buddy was under the deck and he was surprised to find out Mike meant under the house. John was able to get Buddy out and home. I suggested we use the dog crate to cover the under the house entrance, which would keep Buddy out and there would be room for the cat to come out. We did that.

It took me a while to get out from under the porch as I do move slowly. As I got to the house, I realized I didn’t have my phone. It had fallen out of my pocket again. I went back around and saw the phone under the porch.

I got a stick and was pulling the phone to me when I heard a “Meow”. The cat was coming out. I called kitty and it couldn’t make up its mind. It finally came out enough so I could pick it up.

As the cat and I were walking to the house, we saw Lady. The cat tensed up but I said Lady was okay. We walked into the enclosed porch where Mike saw us and I told him the story. We stayed there until Mike returned from fixing the under the house entrance. Then I put the cat out back and fed it. Mike said, “Bring the cat in or Buddy is going to chase it again”.

So now CAT is in the house and we have our first cat. It is entertaining. We did name it CAT. I think the official name when we go to the vet will be Cool CAT. I had thought about Bailey CAT but Mike likes Cool CAT.

Michael Campbell of Newport came in on New Year’s Day. He visited his dad, John Campbell, and Mike and me. It was good seeing him and spending some time together. John, Michael, and I even played a Caton game.

I want to welcome a new great-nephew, Lincoln Andrew Snyder. Lincoln was born December 30, 2020 in Piqua, Ohio. He weighed seven pounds and ten ounces, and was twenty-one inches long. The parents are Kendra and Andrew Snyder of Piqua, Ohio. The grandparents are Jeff and Cindy Wenning of Coldwater, Ohio, and Rick and Bev Snyder of Piqua, Ohio.

The great-grandparents are Vincent and Alfreda Gross of Coldwater, Ohio.

Welcome to the family Lincoln Andrew Snyder.

Feel Better wishes are sent to Pat Andry and Ramona Caudill.

I’m proud that my two daughters-in-law are getting coronavirus vaccines this week. One is a nurse and one is in med school. They do get tested regularly and the vaccine will be good for them.

This week’s quote is attributed to Michael Josephson: “Approach the New Year with resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each day.”

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Thank you.

Stay healthy and safe. Wear a mask.

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