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We have been friends since grade school

Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well.

This week has gone so fast and with all the rain I haven’t had a chance to get around much.

My son Bill and wife Sandra have gone to their lake house to spend time with their families and to meet some people they’ve never met. I’m sure they will enjoy themselves. You just can’t go there and not have a good time.

I was so glad to hear from my friend Ada King in Miamisburg, Ohio. She said her son that I’ve never met is coming to Whitesburg and is going to call me. I’m really looking forward to a call and maybe a visit.

Ada and I have been friends since grade school and have always kept in touch. I’ve been hoping she would get to come to our Marlowe reunion, but she said she wasn’t able to come. I haven’t seen her since her mother, Lettie Miller’s, funeral a long time ago.

I heard from my friend Juanita Profitt. She and her husband Earl are doing about the same. They are amazing people! The way they have been taking care of each other after Earl had such a bad fall. I don’t know how he even survived it. It’s been a long time.

I met Pearlie Bates today in Whitesburg. Her grandfather, the late Finley Halcomb, was my neighbor many years ago. There were a lot of Halcombs living nearby. Most of them are no longer with us.

I’m glad I still have Mary Kay (Halcomb) York and her husband Ernie next door to me. Her mother, the late Myrtle Halcomb, lived there and we both had gates to each other’s home so we could visit. I still think about her often and her husband Lonzo also. That was a real long time ago.

We still have a lot of friends and family who have health problems and need everyone’s prayers.

I still talk to my sons Rob and Astor every day for about an hour and I look forward to it. We never run out of words. We always get around to food and we are hungry when we get through. I’m hoping to get to see both of them on Mother’s Day if things work out.


I just heard that Wanda Tolliver died. She was the sister of my daughter-in-law Linda Hatton. Our sympathy goes out to all the family and especially to her mother Geneva (Adams) Sturgill and to her daughters Tammy and Sherry and their children and of course her husband Buck Tolliver.

I haven’t heard from my friend Bertha (Page) Dye in Prestonsburg. I hope she is feeling better and also Iva (Absher) Cheatem in Stanton. They were our Marlowe people. She wasn’t feeling very well when I talked to her. I don’t think either one of them will be able to come to our Marlowe reunion.

A lot of them have been planning on coming. It’s getting closer. I hope the weather will be good.

I also haven’t heard from Claudine (Brown) Sturgill in a while. She lives in Ohio. She was from Marlowe. At one time there were a lot of people living there. It was a big mining coal camp.

It was good seeing Shirley and Charles Day at Family Dollar on Saturday. I hadn’t seen them in a while. They were my mom and dad’s neighbors for a long time. Good neighbors!

I don’t get out much and it’s good to see friends. I always look for them.

I went to the visitation for Wanda Tolliver and it was good seeing so many friends there from Ermine Center. I’ve really missed seeing them. I talked to Lizzie Mae Wright and found out she had fallen and had a broken wrist and was having a lot of pain.

I enjoyed sitting with Metry and Lorraine Kuracka at the funeral home. It was so good seeing them. It makes me want to try to get up to Ermine Center again.

I was disappointed not to get a call from Ada (Miller) King’s son. I’m sure he didn’t get a chance.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere if you are able.

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