Whitesburg KY
Mostly clear
Mostly clear

We have to have something to gripe about to stay happy

Wow. The highway department actually patched half of the holes between Webb Branch and Pound Gap. They seemed to have run out of asphalt around Bill Vanover’s bait shop. They missed a few, too.

Perhaps someone could spray florescent paint around the ones they left. There are some really dangerous ones 10 or 11 inches deep near the Virginia line. Such holes will do major damage or wreck a small car.

Years ago, a vehicle hit such a hole, resulting in a fatality. Dozens of people have broken rims, axles and A-frames and burst tires along that stretch of road. I suggest you pick a lane in that area and stay in it.

I have pretty good neighbors and don’t want to see any hurt. My neighbors have been working hard to keep our little town presentable, but it’s a tough job with the transfer station at the head of the hollow.

It isn’t the county trucks spilling the litter and very little seems to be individuals just tossing litter. Mostly it is light stuff blowing off un-tarped, private trucks.

For instance, someone lost about 20 pieces of plastic siding all over the place. Tarping is the law, but like most others, goes unenforced.

Perhaps new faces in the courthouse soon may help alleviate many of our problems. That transfer station needs to be moved to a location in the center of the county, on a major road.

The county drivers are careful, slow, and courteous. Give them a break when you can. They do an admirable job on such a dangerous stretch of road.

My negative comments about the state highway department are in no way directed toward Mr. Smallwood and his crew. They’re a great bunch of guys and I have a good working relationship with them.

Like most of us, they only do what they are ordered to do. However, my pet peeve is those incompetent idiots at Frankfort and Pikeville. They have spent millions on the road going north from Whitesburg and north from Jenkins, covering over much better roads than we have.

Our four-lane is deadly, and has been for six months. It would only take a day or two and a couple of thousands of dollars to at least make it safe for us.

I know we’re supposed to be getting a new road, but when? It is the worst piece of engineering I have seen since the 119/0523 Intersection at Payne Gap was built.

It would be cheap and easy to widen and straighten the existing road up Payne Gap, but they’re making two major rally crossings and gouging out thousands of yards of a beautiful mountain. Not to mention another expensive cut through that mountain to get to the heliport.

There’s already a cut through the hill only a few yards above there. Why not use the existing one and move the heliport building nearer the cut through and save a few million dollars?

They could use that money to redesign that intersection, which is the deadliest in the state. One good thing is that the helicopter will be right there for all the people who wreck at the intersection.

I guess I’ll end that temper tantrum on that note. I’m still mad at the Highway Department in Pikeville because they wouldn’t let me build my mini-park at Millstone.

Us old geezers have to have something to gripe about, or we’re not happy.


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