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We need a prison closer to us than Manchester

Anyone heard any new developments on the proposal to locate a prison in this area? Things sure have gotten awful quiet lately. Can’t seem to catch any gossip about it either, or maybe it was just gossip to begin with.

An old fellow told me one time to not believe anything I heard and only half of what I see. I am beginning to understand exactly what he meant.

We definitely need a prison closer than Manchester in Kentucky. Our jails are overcrowded and the court docket is beginning to look like old man Webster’s famous book.

The best crime preventive measure is a strong deterrent. Anyone who violates the law can get up to year in the pokey for a misdemeanor. Anyone who is sentenced to a year in jail should not have to put their time in confined to a jail cell. Even though they have run afoul of the law, they are still human beings and deserve better than being crammed into jail cells like sardines in a can.

I am not implying that they have the comforts of the Waldorf either. If they commit the crime they should do the time. If we had a place to incarcerate the offenders, it would take a lot of the strain off the local jails.

A lot of those who are cooling their heels in a jail cell could perhaps be rehabilitated or at least educated as to the consequences of violating the law if incarcerated in a facility equipped to educate them.

We especially need drug rehab centers, and I’m not referring to these 90-day wonders either. Drug rehab should be preset for a specified period of time. You simply cannot reform an addict if they are allowed to leave the premises on visits home because they will return with drugs stashed in body cavities no ordinary citizen would dream up. In order to do anything with our alcohol and drug plague, the people must be educated first on the consequences of substance abuse.

Being under the influence is no excuse for committing a crime. Just because someone is under the influence does not mean they didn’t know what they were doing at the time. If they were to the point of not remembering what they did, they no doubt would be incapacitated. If I were on a jury and an accused person fed me that line, I would have an awful hard time finding any sympathy for them.

There isn’t any excuse for being under the influence to begin with because no one is twisting their arm and making them dabble in drugs or alcohol. Anyone who gets on the highway and drives while under the influence is as dumb as a bucket of rocks. They endanger not only themselves but innocent people as well.

We only have a certain number of traffic enforcement officers and they can’t be everywhere at once, so the next time you come upon a roadblock just remember why it is there. If it wasn’t necessary it wouldn’t be there. So before you start flashing your lights to warn other drivers, just keep one simple fact in mind. If you warn someone who is under the influence, you may cause someone else to lose their life – you.

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