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We need higher fines, bonds

I hope everyone had a good and thankful Christmas and got the New Year started off on the right foot.

Even as I write this I know it was not a happy Christmas for a lot of people, especially little children who got disappointed on Christmas morning. It wasn’t a joy-filled Christmas for some because they lost loved ones.

After listening to the news at different times, I have come to the conclusion that this was one of the most violent holidays on record, especially domestic violence.

This is not just a trend, it is the Bible being fulfilled. Of course some people don’t believe in the Bible, much less read it. I would estimate that 80 percent of the crime in the U.S. is drug related, directly or indirectly.

It is quite demoralizing when our law enforcement personnel work endless hours in order to make an arrest, and the culprit is out on bond before they get the paperwork done. As I have stated previously, we need higher fines and higher bonds, and I’m talking about cash bonds, not property bonding. To set a drug-related bond at $500 is equal to a slap on the wrist.

If we don’t have sufficient facilities to incarcerate the offenders, we need to build more. It seems as if the criminals have more rights than the victims due to so many loopholes, and I think some of those loopholes need to be plugged.

One prime example is the Acker case. Dr. Acker has been gone for several years now, never seeing justice done for his daughter, Tammy. Why haven’t Benny Lee Hodge and Roger Dale Epperson paid the ultimate penalty for the murder of Roscoe Ackers’s daughter, Tammy? They were not sentenced to death to die of old age on death row.

At least they denied pa- role for Donald Bartley. Even though he turned state’s evidence, he should never see the outside of prison walls. After all, Tammy didn’t have a choice or any defense.

The best prevention against crime is a strong and effective deterrent.

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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