Whitesburg KY

We need to take time to visit our friends


Hello, everyone. Hope you are doing well. So many of our people are under the weather with all the changes we’ve been having.

Things have settled down at the Veterans Center. Christmas parties are over, all the pretty decorations have been taken down. But we still have our people there and the friends we have made while we’ve been there.

Clyde is still about the same. He knows everyone and his mind goes back to his Navy, working and hunting. He tells me about the hunting trips he’s been making. I guess that’s good that he thinks he’s still doing it. It’s been over a year now since he has walked and almost two years he’s been sick. It’s been hard, but with God’s help, my church, and my family and friends, it’s made it a lot better for me. I never feel like I’m alone.

I had a good visit with my good friend, Tommie Baker, a few days ago. She’s still having a hard time. We need to drop things and visit and not neglect our friends. Life is not just about us and our problems. There are always other people worse off than we are.

We have had a lot of deaths lately, Roy Sturgill and Burtis Adams. The large crowds showed how much they were loved. Our sympathy goes out to all the families. Don’t forget them; they still need the support of their friends.

I got a letter from a lady in Rhode Island, who is a native here and takes the Eagle to keep up with everyone. Her name is Pauline Hammonds. (I don’t know whom she married.) I had put in some old pictures of her family. She wanted to know where I got them. She was so pleased to see them. I answered her letter. I try to answer all the letters I get. It has kept me in touch with people I knew 50 years or more ago. The Eagle really does fly! It kinda scares me sometime to know how far it goes.

This lady was asking about an old-fashioned stack cake made with dried apples her mother used to make. I didn’t have it. Maybe someone out there does and will put it in the paper.

Emma Lou Engle, thank you so much for the undeserved compliments. I would love to get to know you better, also. Maybe we could eat lunch together and visit the next time you come by this way. I see your sister, Anna, every once in a while. I don’t know if she is behaving or not. The last time I saw her she was all dressed up and looking pretty! She said she was behaving.

I called my old friend, Anna Watkins, in Florida. We talked a long time. She was doing pretty well. She’s going to have some cataracts taken off her eye. All her family seems to be doing OK. She still says the next thing besides going to heaven is to visit the Howard family. She asked about all of them.

My son, Larry, and I visited Clyde at the Veterans Center on Sunday. He’s still about the same.

I got a call from Ruby Cooper of Slade this morning. She was originally from here. She is the daughter of the late Bessie Hatton of Whitco. She gets the Eagle and was asking questions about some of her relatives I’ve written about and about some of the pictures. I’ve never met her, but I knew all the people she asked about. I enjoyed talking to her.

It’s real interesting to hear from people you have never met, and with whom you can find so much to talk about.

Anna Watkins, I loved the picture of you sitting on Santa Ben’s lap. I would have put it in the paper, but you said you didn’t like the picture.

May God bless all of you. Try to go to church somewhere this week and on Sunday.

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