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We often take much for granted

Happy and safe Fourth of July everyone!

As I start this column there’s a soft rain falling. I sat on the porch for a little while to enjoy the quiet and to watch it rain. There’s not a bird to be seen or heard.

I had a conversation with someone who is having problems with their hearing.

I didn’t say one thing as I was listening with my heart as well as my ears. They were saying how much they miss hearing the birds sing.

Southern Ohio

We take so much for granted when we have good hearing, our sight to see, are able to walk without assistance, and to talk.

July 4 will be a memory by the time you are reading this. I hope it was a wonderful time and everyone stayed safe and enjoyed the fireworks.

Once again it is a rather sad occasion for me as my dad took his final journey on July 4. It has been 33 years, but sometimes it seems like yesterday, then again like it was forever. Dad was barely 58 years old.

My memories are with Dad, although we really didn’t do anything special for holidays. Dad would try to get a watermelon, and a little vanilla ice cream. We never had a refrigerator when I was young so ice cream was far and few between.

I haven’t done anything special in so many years as my children usually have plans and there’s no use doing for one person.

A few years ago I drove to the mountains and spent Fourth of July weekend going to a bluegrass event at Calvary College with my cousin Bev Adams as Sunrise Ridge was playing there. Music has been such a part of my life for the past 20 years.

I’ve had a few good days that I have felt like living and not tied to the house.

Friday, I did mange to go to the grocery store as I was out of everything, I mean completely out. I even managed to stop to check on Johnny and Ann Calihan, I am glad I did as Ann hasn’t been feeling up to par. Ann is having trouble with her back.

I have never heard of a doctor not accepting a patient because of age! It sounds to me like that would be discrimination to do that.

Saturday morning, I decided to go to Oxford. There’s a farmers market each Saturday, and some musician friends of mine, Warren and Judy Waldron, play there. I was in for a very pleasant surprise as Dale Farmers and the Jericho Old Time Band, were there. Warren and Judy are members of this band too.

As I listened to the music, my eyes were drawn to watching Dale play the old-time way on the claw hammer. I had to look away a couple of times as tears wanted to form and run down my face.

As I sat there my thoughts returning to my childhood, as Grandma would get her old banjo and sit in the yard and pick.

Judy started singing Little Birdie. I had mixed emotions as Grandma picked that and my little feet would start jumping up and down as I tried to dance.

A couple of weeks ago Dale Farmer sent me a note on Facebook saying he had come through Letcher County and thought about me. Dale and Amy, and Warren and Judy had spent several days in North Carolina with Jonathan and Susan, who used to be in the band and recently moved from Oxford to North Carolina.

I have a grandson and great-grandson, Bennie Wiederhold and T. J. Proctor, who are three weeks difference in age. When they were about three years old somehow I had both with me at the same time. I would swing with them on the porch singing Little Birdie. As I would sing, one would say “little birdie,” and the other would sing, “Come to me, come to me.” I wish I had a recording of that as that was so cute.

It is hard to believe Bennie and T.J. are nine years old and will be in the fourth grade.

Harrison Community Center had fireworks last night. I felt too bad to sit on my porch as I usually do, but I heard them.

Les and Pat Wagner decided to take a break for a little while from heading to the mountains.

I talked to Betty Ison for a short time. Doyle and Betty don’t get out as much as they used to.

Hubert Caudill spent a weekend in the mountains. I think several people were supposed to join him and something happened. Hubert always spends time with Sherwood Ison and his sister Sandra when he is in the mountains.

Belated happy birthday to Michael Ison. I know it was a good one as he had special people to spend it with him.

Michael’s daughter Brooke along with her husband Jeff Ruskaup and baby were there from New York.

Polly Maucher, I hope you are doing all right as I never hear anything from you.

Hello to Bill and Betty Kelly. Betty’s son Barry Brown and Tina sure have had a wonderful summer as they have done quite a bit of traveling They spent Fourth of July weekend at Put In Bay on an island up north.

Ricky Caudill has been very sick for a week or so, yet he has been blackberry picking. I hope Marcia makes Ricky some blackberry jelly or jam.

I sure wish I knew somewhere around here to go picking. Even though I am sick I would be tempted to go. I would like enough to make blackberry jam like mom used to make.

It is getting late and we are expecting storms. Until next time.

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