Whitesburg KY

We roasted chestnuts on Christmas Eve

Big Cowan

Agnes Maggard has some problems with her kidneys. She is doing better now.

Hello to the “Old Hoosier” Bill Maggard in Columbus, Ind.

A belated happy birthday (37th) to Melinda Daniel. Also, Linda Polly (60th) on Dec. 1 and a happy 32nd to James Polly on Dec. 5. Happy wedding anniversary to Linda and Rick Polly celebrating their 37th on Dec. 26. Congratulations. Also, a 39th wedding anniversary to me and my better half on Dec. 21. Love you, Sweetie! Also, happy birthday to Barbara Ann Boggs on Dec. 25. (She’s at Letcher Manor.)

Good to hear from Shelby Bockover in Greensburg, Ind. They had a real good Thanksgiving. Her sons have been deer hunting and they’ve killed three so far. She tried to call me on my birthday and couldn’t get hold of me. I enjoyed talking to you, Shelby.

I ate Thanksgiving dinner at church on Wednesday, then I ate at my niece, Juanita’s, on Thanksgiving Day, then I fixed dinner on Saturday. My son Mike, husband James, and brother Archie ate with me. We all had a good time but were stuffed.

Now it’s time to start getting ready for Christmas. The snow we have been getting gets me in the mood for Christmas. Let’s remember that “Jesus is the reason for the season.” Sometimes we forget the mean of Christmas because we get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle. It’s not all about the gifts, it’s the thought that counts and it’s about family and friends and most of all we celebrate the birth of Jesus. So everyone have a good one and remember the people that have less.

I sure do miss Mom and Dad around the holidays. My mom was like a child at Christmas time. She would be all excited about what she was getting, but she enjoyed having her family home more than anything.

No matter what my dad got, he would put it away for later. He had some clothes that he never wore. When I was a child things were very hard. We might not have received much, but we had plenty of love.

I remember we always roasted chestnuts on Christmas Eve. Our stockings were filled with candy, oranges, and apples. We only got one or two toys. One Christmas Mom had stuff in layaway. Dad got laid off from the mines. They were worried we would not have a good Christmas. I told her all I wanted was a blue teddy bear, which I got. If it hadn’t been for Irene and Eugene Day, Lovell Sturgill, and Loreva and Ray Fields, we would not have gotten as much as we did. They brought coats, slipper socks, earmuffs, gloves, etc. I will never forget that Christmas and the true love (unconditional love) that was shown to our family. Also, Ma and Pa helped out and Ella Maggard.

No one could make gingerbread biscuits and homemade apple pies like my Grandma Emily. She had such a big family and we were only allowed one each, but we really treasured those memories.

If Mom had lived until Dec. 13, she would be 85 years old. “Happy birthday” in heaven. She and Dad would have been married 65 years Dec. 7 if they were living. They are together in heaven celebrating.

My sister, Kathy, fell again and bruised her arm. The backs of her legs hurt so bad she can hardly walk. Eddie’s other elbow is inflamed and swollen. He is in the hospital now. Hopefully he will not have to have surgery on it. Pray for both of them.

Eugene Day is home from the hospital and doing much better. he had stomach problems. His Thanksgiving was ruined by being in the hospital. Maybe he can make it up.

Little Marty will be having a birthday on Dec. 16. He is so precious and such a joy to be around. He did such a good job saying grace for Thanksgiving. Happy birthday, big boy, from Aunt Christine and Uncle James. He is five years old.

I also want to take this time to remember my nephew, Marty Allen Fields. He died on my mom’s birthday, Dec. 13, when he was 16 years old. He would be 35 or 36 years old now. He is very much missed by his dad, Archie, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, mother, stepmom, cousins, and all other relatives. We loved you, dear boy, and hated you left us too early. Gone but not forgotten.

I am sorry if everyone gets tired of my going on, but I write what comes to my mind. I have a lot of memories stored up — some sad and some good. I just like to share them with you. I know my life more than anyone else’s, so I get carried away sometimes.

The late Robert and Leva Fields’s granddaughter, Sarah, who was living in Leslie County, lost her house in a fire recently. She now lives in Cumberland. Also, Nancy’s husband had been off work for awhile but is back at work now. Leva was one of my dad’s sisters.

The former Sonya Rita Rayburn of Cowan, who lives in Indiana, has been having some serious health problems. We wish her a speedy recovery.

It was good to see Anna Lou Maggard Combs on Sunday. She said all of Willard and Dorothy’s children will be in next weekend for their Christmas except Bobby Gail. Hello to all!

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