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We would fight the flu with toddies

I had lots of company stop by on Memorial Day weekend after going to the Ingram Cemetery to decorate their loved ones’ graves, and also to watch the veterans do their wonderful tribute to all the soldiers’ graves and put little American flags on each one.

My heart goes out to them for their hard job of finding all the graves and showing how they honor those who serviced our great country.

We pay for peace for all the world that God made for all who love Him. I hope the prayers are answered. This world is getting so out of control, with the murders and the awful talking in the presidential campaigns.

I think the debate should be about the issues that will bring peace to all and allowing love to flow through everybody’s hearts instead of people damning each other and talking mean to their fellow citizens. This causes hate and sorrowful feelings. “The end of the age” will come very soon and there will be nowhere to hide when it does come.

The Holy Bible tells of all these things that are to take place sooner than we think. It is so close at hand. When the temple mount is built it will only be a short time. It won’t be a joyous time to be here for us. We can’t hide from the wrath of God.

I have been so sick this spring. I was so sick during Christmas time, and then the last of January and part of February. I was in the hospital for 14 days. I couldn’t walk and was so weak. Then when I came home I had to use a walker to go through the house as my hands and feet hurt so badly. That is why I haven’t been able to write my articles in the paper lately. It is still hard to write, but I am trying this time.

My sons Donald and Daniel have been in bad shape also. Donald fell and broke his left leg from the knee on up — his femur bone — and is still in a wheelchair.

Daniel got blood clots in his leg and had to go to the hospital and have surgery. He is still having a bad time. He also has arthritis in his hands and can’t do much of anything.

I worry about all of my five sons. All are very sick with different things.

Randy is my youngest and he has had a hard time taking care of Don and myself and doing all the other chores. He has back problems and migraine headaches often, but he tries to manage everything.


I praise God for letting him be here for us. He has planted a little garden and raised a row of peas. We had two messes and put eight quarts in the freezer, and may have a few more a little later. He has onions, tomatoes and potatoes coming up and a few rows of corn. He is a precious son to me.

Some of my visitors on Sunday for Memorial weekend were my sweet sister-in-law Cinda Ingram and her lovely daughter Joy Frances Blair. Cinda is so sick with all kinds of heath problems. She has arthritis and can’t walk and has to be in the hospital, and other problems.

Joy is so good to help with her when she can. She works every day, but is there for her when she is able to be. Her dad, Carl Edward, isn’t well either, but helps all he can. They are having a hard time. I sure was happy to have them came by.

Another wonderful day for me was when my eldest son Roger, Dale and his sweet wife Susan came up from the Nashville area to spend two days. We had a good time together just talking and visiting with all who came.

My sister Judith and husband Don Disney came over from Cumberland, and the big surprise came when Claude’s first cousin Aretha Ingram Halcomb and her son and his wife came by and spent about an hour with us.

I hadn’t seen Aretha in so many years. She left years ago and lives in a place near Louisville. She was married to Kelly Bruce Halcomb and they lived together for 50 years before he passed away. They had a farm and raised horses. She has had two hip replacements, a shoulder replacement, and back surgery but she has a will to keep going.

It was good to see her and hear all about her life’s struggles. Her dad was Otis Ingram and is buried in the Ingram’s Cemetery over in front of my home. She went up and decorated his grave.

Aretha and Kelly had a daughter. The daughter and her husband and family were on a trip out west several years ago when they were all killed in bad wreck except the baby boy, whom Aretha raised and adopted. He is grown and married. He is an architectural engineer and helped to build big hospitals and other buildings .

His wife does the inside of the buildings after he is finished. They are doing well and live in Louisville, not too far from Aretha. They help when she needs them but she does her own things at home. Her husband was a retired military man who served during World War II and all through the other conflicts until he retired, she said.

His dad and mom were Jim and Jude Halcomb and lived about two and a half miles from me.

I worked with Jim and my dad in the elections at Cedar Grove during the early 50s. I was the secretary. I remember having stomach pain, and Jim told me to eat raw eggs and to swallow them whole without salt. It was bad, but it helped me.

Those old people had their own remedies to take. No doctors.

My grandpa used to have terrible times with headaches. He would lay two or three days in bed with a rag tied real tight around his head and take Epsom Salt to try to get better. They didn’t take aspirin or any kind of medication. I remember all of that because I had lots of headaches and just had to suffer it out.

To fight the flu they made toddies out of ginger, moonshine, honey, butter and hot water to drink, with a little black pepper. I didn’t like that at all, and wouldn’t drink it for anyone. I never did like beer or whiskey, but the old people did, well, most of them.

I have felt so sorry that Christine Fields may move away from Cowan to Indiana, and I feel so bad for Rose Ballard being so sick all winter and having to miss out on some of her favorite music and things she likes to do. I pray that all will be well and Christine won’t have to move away.

Love to all my friends and cousins in Columbus, Ind., and to my brother Emory in Indiana who is in a nursing home with Parkinson’s disease. He can’t walk anymore.

I’ll write again later. All my love.

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