Whitesburg KY

Weather can’t keep seniors home

The Ermine Senior Citizens Center had a full week as the weather wasn’t too bad to keep us home.

Tuesday we played Bingo and had a great turnout. Thursday was our potluck dinner. Tina and Bill from Kentucky Power Co. came and gave us a real good talk about saving power and money. They gave us literature on it too, and also gave us each a light bulb. They stayed and had dinner with us, and they really enjoyed themselves. We had a full house and lots of good eats.

Winford Sturgill, we sure miss you. It’s time you got back from Louisville.

We are planning a Valentine party, so all you seniors dress up in your reds and fancy duds and see who our king and queen will be.

Lennon Hammock, wear your red shirt and fancy hat. I know Carl Parrott will wear his. Shirley Day, dig out Charles’s red shirt and tie.

Come on, you seniors, and join in the fun. If you’ve never been to our center you are missing out. We’d like to see you there.

God bless until next time.

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