Whitesburg KY
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Weather has been a mixture


Hello everyone. Time for our visit, so pull up a chair and get a cup of coffee.

We sure have been having a mixture of weather. A beautiful snow, but it caused a lot of power outages. I didn’t lose mine, but so many others did.

How about Saturday? Temperatures in the 70s. It was a good day to be outside. I cut some vines out of my flower bushes. Jonquils are in full bloom and other things are blooming.

It sure doesn’t feel like February. We just enjoy it whenever we get it.

I was sorry I didn’t get to Baylus Caudill’s funeral. I was snowed in.

I got a call from Ruby Howard in Ft. Wayne, Ind. She is so worried about her sister-in-law, Brenda Howard, and her husband, Dexter. They are both in poor health, and we are all worried.

I talked with my sister, Joann Brown in Indianapolis, Ind. Their family was doing okay.

Belated birthday wishes to my daughter-in-law, Linda Hatton, and also my friend, Iva Cheatham in Stanford, on the 24th. Iva and I had a good, long telephone visit. We never run out of something to say when we talk about old days at Marlowe. Good old days!

Thank you, Ada (Miller) King, for the picture of your mother. That’s how I remember her. Your brother, John Miller, told me that the other woman in the picture was Dow Collins’s mother, and Viola Caudill of Isom called and said she was his sister.

I enjoyed talking to Viola. We talked a long time. I thought I had a good memory, but she has me beat. We found out we knew a lot of the same people from way back. I believe she told me she was 90 years old, and she sounded so young. She said that she couldn’t drive anymore, and she misses that.

We’ve been having a lot of strong wind. A tree fell on my driveway, but my son Larry Hatton and his son Chris sawed it up and I got my car out in time to go to church.

It was good hearing from my friend, Annabel Wright. She was enjoying hearing Larry and Kevin broadcasting the ball games. I’m glad she got her another little dog. She had been brokenhearted that her dog had gotten killed. She’s like me, she loves dogs. They are good company, never talk back to you, and sometimes they obey you.

I talked with my son, Astor ‘Red’ Hatton, and they are doing okay and liking Georgetown.

It was good seeing Helen Brown at Food City last Saturday. That’s always a good day to see people. I hadn’t seen her since she worked at Dry Fork Market. She’s still pretty!

I also saw Ricky Vance in the parking lot, but it was too cold to stand and talk much. It was good seeing him.

Would you believe it’s snowing again? But the weatherman promised there wouldn’t be any accumulation. I hope that’s right. It can always change.

I enjoyed getting a call from my old Marlowe friend, Ada (Miller) King in Miamisburg, Oh. It’s always good to hear from her and all my friends. I’m glad her daughter Anita’s knee surgery went well.

It was so cold last Saturday that I didn’t even go to my mailbox. I’m sure I have catalogues.

Hello, Rose Ballard, Emma Lou Engle, Christine Fields, and all the other writers. I read them all and enjoy them.

I just heard that Shirley Niece and Aggie Hatton are in the hospital and needing prayer.

I’m glad that my brother, Hubert Howard’s, leg is feeling better, and that Randall Sexton’s foot is better.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week if you are able.

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